Monday, 10 February 2014

And the winner is...

Hi all,

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments and your interest in the last Nightmares - Giveaway. Let's make this quick, shall we, because I'm sure you can't wait to find out...

And the winner is... Kathy! Congrats to you and I really hope we get to see pictures (of you in the T-Shirt, not the shower...)

To everyone else, thanks again for participating and do keep watching this space, I still have lots and lots of lovely items that are looking for new owners...

Friday, 7 February 2014

New Release and #Giveaway: Beyond Your Wildest Nightmares

Hi all,

Today is the day - Beyond Your Wildest Nightmares, Book Five in the Nightmares series, has just released from Totally Bound and because I'm in the mood to celebrate, there's a surprise giveaway.

But first, let me introduce you to my latest burner - yes, the heat rating is once again close to the top, hehe. You know me...

Sometimes the horrors reality throws at us go beyond our wildest nightmares...

Half-demon Colin succeeds in unveiling one of mysterious sex-club owner Ben’s biggest secrets—much to his boyfriend Mikey’s dislike. Fortunately he knows just what to do to make Mikey happy, and they enjoy some pleasurable distractions before the nightmare that is Colin’s life continues.

Haunted by flashbacks from a past he can’t remember, Colin struggles to make sense of the mixed signals he receives from the people around him and the signals he subconsciously sends out to them.

Ben is only too willing to help Colin figure out things about himself and even Mikey isn’t immune to Ben’s devious charm. Together they continue to explore Colin’s submissive side—but is Ben the rightful third man in Colin and Mikey’s bed? Or does that place belong to a love that’s lost but not forgotten and may just play an important role in the plan to stop their mutual enemy?


“Are you fucking insane?” Mikey yelled as he whirled around to glare at me. He’d stopped so abruptly that I almost knocked into him.
“No! Just calm down and let’s talk about it, okay?”
Flailing his hands and puffing out his cheeks, he made a sound between anger and despair. “How can you expect me to calm down now? Bloody hell, Colin, what were you thinking?” He frowned. “Were you thinking anything at all? How could you do this?”
“Gosh, Mikey, it really isn’t that big a deal,” I said, attempting to soothe him even though he was clearly beyond soothing.
“Not that big a deal? Get real, love. Maybe it’s not that unusual for you, Mr Half-Fucking-Demon, but it definitely is a fucking tremendous deal for me.”
“Can you stop shouting the D-word, please?” I grumbled through clenched teeth.
“There’s no one around,” he pointed out.
We were in the hall outside Ben’s private playroom in his club, Benedict’s Chambers, just minutes after Mikey had watched Ben fuck—and suck—me. It had all happened too fast for me to give Mikey a warning. In fact, I’d been more than a little surprised myself, despite knowing right from the moment I’d met Ben that it was only a matter of time until he would reveal his true nature. I was too much of a temptation for him not to.
I’d barely recovered from the sensations, the sheer overwhelming intensity of the act, when Mikey had fled from the room, his face distorted into a mask of horror. He’d never even closed his fly. Suddenly conscious of wearing nothing underneath the thin blanket I’d wrapped around my shoulders, I pulled it a bit tighter, then I cast an anxious glance up and down the deserted aisle before glaring at Mikey. “So? You didn’t check if we were alone, did you?”
He tilted his head, using the advantage of his height to look down on me. “So-fucking-what? The people who come here would hardly mind, would they?”
“I doubt that many of them know everything,” I replied, aware that he wasn’t referring to our lack of decent clothing. “A few of them, yes, but most think it’s just a place to enact some kinky fantasies.”
“‘Kinky fantasies’?” Mikey snorted. “I’ve never heard it called that before, and besides, it isn’t about that, right?”
“Oh, come on, you know what I’m trying to say.”
“What, that your new playmate abuses their deviousness for his own purposes?”
His aggression annoyed me. At the same time it turned me on. My man was gorgeous when he was mad, and arousal had tinted his cheeks a delicate shade of pink even before his fury had added the wild gleam in his eyes. I longed to take him to bed. The sex was bound to be spectacular with him in a mood like that, but sadly, I doubted that I’d succeed if I came on to him now.
The sound of approaching voices forced us into grave silence. I turned towards the wall and kept my face averted until two men had walked past us and disappeared around the corner farther down the hallway. They probably hadn’t heard Mikey’s comment, but I wasn’t keen on being recognised as it was.
“Look, sweetheart,” I said, aiming to sound calm and sensible. “It’s not like I haven’t told you about their existence, is it? And he really isn’t a bad guy, you know? He’s just… Uh, well, different. Special.”
Mikey stared at me with raised eyebrows. “‘Different’? ‘Special’? Good grief, Colin. He’s not an endangered species, he’s—”
“That’s exactly what he is,” I snapped, not caring that my voice had turned into a vicious snarl. “And incidentally, so am I—probably even more so than he is.”
Glaring at me, Mikey took a deep breath, then he nodded slowly as he let the air out in a long sigh. “You knew what he was, didn’t you? When you started to go after him, I mean.”
To get the latest Nightmare, click  here - as always it comes with the promise to make you hot and sweaty...

And now, my lovelies, here's the giveaway I announced earlier. This one is, of course, for fans of the series, so the prize is some hot Nightmares swag - but you have to earn it, hehe. 

The excerpt above already hints at Ben, Colin's new lover, being different...or special, but what kind of paranormal being is he exactly? To find out, you can either buy the book and read it or just take your best guess. If you've read book four in the series, you should also have a pretty good idea what he is.

E-mail your answer to: marlowe.sage "at" 

All correct answers will be entered into a drawing for the following goodies: 

 A T-Shirt and an autograph with the cover of your favourite Nightmares Book
- And because I know that you'll likely need a shower or two when you're reading this series, I'll throw in a bottle of The Body Shop's Honeymania shower gel -
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