Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Different editions of previously published books

Hi all,

As you may have noticed, there are currently different editions of my following books available from a few retailers: Roses & Thorns (available under the previous title, Knives & Feathers), Sub-Mission, Re-Submission and Sub-Culture.

Despite the fact that the publishing rights to those titles reverted to me months ago, the previous publisher Totally Bound seems unable to have them fully removed from publication through their distribution system. They are aware of this and working on it, and I'm hoping for this issue to be solved once and for all soon.

If you're interested in buying any one of these four books, please make sure you get the most recent edition, as they have all been re-edited. Furthermore, Totally Bound currently has no right to sell these books.

These are the covers of the current editions:

They are available in various format from the following distributors, among others: 

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My apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause or have caused. During the next months, the rights to all of my TB-published books will revert to me. I am working on expanding my own distribution system to ensure that the re-edited editions will be released as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Lots of love as always 


Friday, 6 March 2015


Sub-Mission (Sub-Series 1)


How far would you go to save the one you love?

Pierce Hollister is a down-to-earth businessman. Most of the time. His romantic side has him secretly dreaming of Mr Right, a family and a happy ever after.

Noah Conway is a single father who doesn’t believe in happy families any more. When his daughter’s life is at stake, he would sell his soul to save her but as a sadistic Dom takes an interest in him, he sells his body instead.

A shared session at a BDSM club leaves Pierce intrigued and soon he finds himself willing to do anything in his power to heal the wounds that life has left on Noah’s soul. When he realises that the very thing Noah dreads the most might just be what he needs, Pierce sets out on a mission—but maybe it’s just not in his power to save Noah.

Will Noah be able to battle the demons that haunt him and find the happy ever after Pierce has dreamed up for them?

Reader advisory: This edition is a revised re-release. Contains a scene of dubious consent and references to violence in one MC’s past

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***also available in print***

Re-Submission (Sub-Series 2) 

Rubbing a toppy sub, a submissive Top and a Dom with attitude together is guaranteed to send sparks flying — but what will they ignite?

Meet Tyler Kane. Ballsy and headstrong, he's far from being the submissive type. Francis Hollister, Dom and proud owner of a BDSM club, couldn't agree more - and yet, as Tyler carelessly suggests a bet, Francis sees an opportunity arise and decides to take him up on it.

Soon Tyler finds himself in Francis' club and about to be trained as a sub. When Shae, the gorgeous Top Francis has assigned to teach him, doesn't appear to be quite as dominant as his role would lead to believe and Francis turns out to be a rather versatile Dom, Tyler sees a perfect match just waiting to be made happen. Too bad though that he's the only one who sees it. Or maybe he isn’t?

Curious to find out what happens when you rub a submissive Top, a toppy sub and a Dom with attitude together and what exactly the sparks from that explosive combination ignite, Tyler enlists the help of Pierce, Francis' brother, and his partner Noah, and sets out on a mission.

While Tyler's plan seems to work out astonishingly well, it seems that there's more than one man in the club who is pursuing a hidden agenda...

This edition is a re-edited re-release

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Sub-Culture (Sub-Series 3) 


When life gets on top, delving into a sub-culture may be just what it takes to keep a sinking relationship afloat

Five years after the bumpy start to their relationship, Noah and Pierce have settled well into their lives as a happy couple. The arrival of a new child should have made their matrimonial bliss complete, but the strain of raising a baby and a teenager, combined with a lot of pressure in their jobs, is beginning to take its toll.

In the midst of what already is a potentially explosive situation, Noah’s younger brother Jonah comes to stay with them, forcing Noah to face the issues he still has regarding his homophobic parents and adding to the emotional pressure he is under.

When Noah starts behaving oddly and Pierce just can’t seem to put his jealousy to rest, the cracks in their relationship become too severe to ignore any longer. They struggle to keep their sinking love afloat but as Noah craves the comfort a certain sub-culture can offer, Pierce finds himself wondering just how far he is willing to step out of his own comfort zone to save their love.

This edition is a re-edited re-release.

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