Thursday, 29 May 2014

Upcoming release: Strawberries & Cream

Welcome to Hotel Cupid

Set on the wild, romantic coast of Scotland, it's the place for the broken-hearted, the disillusioned and for all those who are so caught up in reality that they have forgotten to live, to dream and above all, to love. 

Eros, the hotel's charming and enigmatic owner, knows when to listen and give advice - and he knows when to shut up and keep pouring the drinks. He has what everyone needs: the keys to the Hotel Cupid's rooms and to the hearts of his guests. 

Are you ready to check in?

Book One in the Hotel Cupid-Series, Strawberries & Cream, releases in June from Me and the Muse Publishing. This story is loaded with powerful elements: an old Scottish castle, beautifully flawed characters, a bathroom scene that will get under your skin - and just a touch of magic.

Here's the blurb:

“The gift of love is not always an easy one to accept, but it is a gift, and it should be accepted with appreciation.”

When efficient, self-controlled business man Ross bumps into a stranger on a crowded platform one morning, he doesn’t know that Fate may have been pulling the strings. And yet, he follows the leads to flamboyant Sebastian who, for all his outward flippancy, hides a shy and sensitive soul. Despite their opposing personalities and lifestyles, they become lovers, but they never quite manage to close the gap between them.

One day, a trip leads them to a secluded hotel on the coast of Scotland. With a little help from Eros, the hotel’s kind but mysterious owner and his liquid happiness, Ross and Sebastian make another attempt at building a bridge—a bridge they will hopefully be able to cross together, hand in hand.

***Strawberries & Cream (Hotel Cupid #1) releases in June***

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Cover art reveal - Sub-Mission re-release

Hi all,

I'm getting ready for the re-release of Sub-Mission and I think it's time to show off the beautiful new cover art created by the very talented Jess Buffett.

In case you wonder what to expect from the re-released edition: It doesn't only come with a pretty new cover, it has also been thoroughly re-vised and extended by 1,500 words.

Re-release will be tomorrow, May 16, throughout the day depending on the various distributors' processing times.