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***This is the place where I proudly present some of my fellow author and friends' work. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do***

Nicole Colville is an all around lovely person, one of my best Facebook-friends and a very talented author as I realised when I started reading the first book in her Hidden-Series. Quite frankly, reading the blurbs again as I set up this post makes me want to get all the books and hide in my bedroom for a few days of uninterrupted reading. Her writing style is vivid and intriguing. Her characters are realistic and convincing (and I may have developed a bit of a crush, but shhh, that's between us, alright?)

Nicole has kindly agreed to sit down for an interview with me, so you can get to know the person behind the books a bit better before she introduces you to her beautiful series.

Hi Nicole, thank you so much for being here. Great shoes, by the way, but OMG, do sit down before you break an ankle. I ordered us some cocktails to, ahem, lube things up a bit while we talk. Comfy? Good. Let's start with

The business ones

Please give us a short introduction about yourself

I’m a five foot five dizzy blonde, who giggles like Betty from the Flinstones and likes to pretend that I am a Barbie doll. Although no part of me is plastic, not yet anyway. I like the dumb blonde persona because I love how people judge me on my looks and not who I actually am or what I can achieve. I work for a global pharmaceutical / medical devices company in the UK during the day, then come home to my two little girls and husband in Leeds, England. I love being a mummy and a wife, but having a demanding job and a family made me lose a little of myself. I found that part of me when I began to write again. I don’t take life too seriously and always look on the bright side of life.

What genre(s) do you write in and why?
All the books I have published are M/M erotic. I have written M/F pairings but for some reason I don’t connect to them like I do the M/M ones. Besides, I’ve tested the water with readers and I think they would prefer me to keep M/M.

Tell us about your latest release
It’s called Hidden Deceit. It’s my eighth book and the one I have been the most eager to publish. This one takes you on a journey through the past and present, following several different characters, old and new. This book is the compilation of all previous seven books. It ties everything together and explains or shows you a different view of events that have already happened.

Do you need a special setting to write in or do you have a ceremony to get you in the mood? What does it look like?
I always write in the sitting room, on the sofa in our big bay window on the laptop. That way I don’t feel cut off from my family. I write in chaos most of the time, with the TV blaring and my two little ones running around, and my husband complaining I’m not sat with him, or ignoring him. The times I do have peace and quiet freaks me out.

Describe your feelings when you learnt that your first book was accepted for publication
Fear mainly. I’m still more anxious than excited when a new book comes out. My books aren’t easy, they’re complicated glimpses into the character’s lives. I like to keep people guessing about what the truth is, to give them options about what is actually happening. I guess I feared people wouldn’t click with them. Finding out other people really loved them gave me a lot more confidence and incentive to keep going.

Has the release of your first book changed anything in your personal life? If so, what?
Sharing my books with other people has been amazing. I’m always really happy to hear people connecting and enjoying my work so much. It’s given me a sense of achievement in my creative side, which I had forgotten about for a lot of years. It’s changed how people I know treat me though, I get introduced as her who wrote THAT book. LOL. And now I get these interesting, confused looks from people before they eventually pluck up enough courage to come sit with and chat about what I do and why. I also get to know WAY too much about other people’s sex lives, and in the most random places, where you just wouldn’t expect people to discuss such intimate details about their life. I remember being asked rather loudly in the supermarket, near the fruit and veg, to explain what a butt plug was, and why it was a good idea to use one. I ignored the startled gasp from the couple beside us and went on to explain in rather too much detail why they should try them out.

Where do you find inspiration?
I’m really nosy, no, inquisitive. As I’m writing, I find myself wondering what my minor characters are all about, or what they did while my main guys were following their own story. I generally run their characters around in my head for a month or so until I have a brief idea of who they are then I have to write about them. Which is why I have eleven books all connected in some way to my first four. I really have to stop doing that.

Who is your favourite character and why?
Urgh that’s hard. I’d have to go with Jamie, who is a character I have followed through five books. I really connect to him, a lot more than other people I have created.

A favourite line from one of your books
Because I’m a ‘in the moment’ type of person, I’ll go with Hidden Pain, because I’ve been discussing it a lot lately. More than one line though, sorry.

“Your whole existence will revolve around me. I will be your life, your passion, your pain. You'll live just for my touch, soft or hard, caring or violent.”

Your favourite drink and food when writing
I don’t eat when I write. LOL. I do have tea with lots of sugar and milk, but unless I’m reminded to eat by concerned family members or friends, I just write.

I'll take this as my cue to order another round while we move on to

The nosy ones

How much of the real “you” is in your stories?

Not much to be honest. I really try hard not to let that happen because I’m not writing about me, but unfortunately there are certain things which work their way into different characters. My impatience, small parts of my sense of humour, or certain OCD issues I have, the rest I’ll leave you to guess.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Who was it?
I remember having quite a few during my teenage years, but the most recent one was one yours. Ha ha. I read Sub-Mission when it came out and fell in love with Noah. I really enjoyed following him through two other books. He’s a great person, thanks for sharing him with us all.
                             Awww...thank you! *blushes*  ~S

What’s the silliest error in a book you’ve submitted?
Wow, I have so many to choose from I don’t know which to pick. The most recent one was unconfident, it’s not a word, you probably know this, but I was shocked. I was like, are you sure, because I say that ALL the time. I’m sure it should be a word. I have made up a few though. I even get requests to add strange non-words in my books. Redonkulous from Shrek stands out. I haven’t used it……yet.

Who is your least favourite of the characters you’ve written? Why?
It would have to be a character called Gray. In the first four books he was a minor character who was just evil. I really made him into a nasty piece of work, who got worse and worse through the books. Then I made the stupid decision to learn why he was so evil and gave him his own book, Hidden Pain. The thing is, the more I got to know him, the more I liked him, which just peed me off big style. I thought everyone would hate him, but surprisingly people have really taken to him.

The steamiest scene from your books 
There’s quite a few, well, more than a few, but this one is from an unpublished novel and I’ve never shared it before. It’s two books away, it will be called Hidden Need and follows two small characters from previous books. I love these two and I love this book. Meet Mario and Luca. This is from Luca’s POV.

****This is unedited. Copyright 2014 by Nicole Colville.***

I’m on fire and I need Mario to dampen it so I can breathe again. I’m losing my mind against his body. Climbing higher and higher, so high that the feeling of cloudiness and dizziness fills my head. I can't control my own body, it’s like I'm reacting to something on instinct, something I can't understand. Something from the depth of my genes, something animalistic. I need his touch, his body, his sent. I need him to take me, claim me, feed me, sedate my frustrations.
“Please,” I whine out at him.
I don’t know what I'm begging for. Anything. Everything. As long as he touches me and helps me down off this cliff I'm hanging onto.
I feel his body leave mine and the cold air whooshing around my hot, slick, dirty flesh makes me call out to him. I can't stand him leaving me, I feel lost without his heat and his scent right next to me.
“I'm not stopping. How could I, Luca?”
I try to focus on Mario’s wonderful brown eyes, but it’s too hazy—I'm too lost. He catches my body in his big arms and I'm being lifted by him. I'm not small; I've not been lifted like this since I was a child. I kiss him frantically as he holds me. Our bodies are bouncing on what must be the bed. The sheets feel too cool underneath me. I want the heat, I want to burst into flames again like on the sofa.
I feel like I have thousands of ants crawling inside my skin, making me itch and burn. Only when his fingers or his lips touch me do they calm down. I'm floating, too unfocused and sleepy, but at the same time, I'm super aware of every touch, every movement of him next to me.
I need everything from him; I want to feel his touch everywhere. I need my hands to move. I need to touch him back, but I’m so heavy. When I feel his teeth on my nipple, I arch into his lips, begging with my instinctive moans for more.
He reads me so well, understands what I needs and gives it to me so easily. I've never been with anyone who can read my body like Mario can. A soft lick of the tongue across my erect nipple makes me scream out for more. I've never screamed. Never been so lost. I've made women feel like this, received enjoyment from knowing I've taken them to such a high state of arousal. I've always wondered what it would feel like to just allow myself to be receive pleasure like this.
I manage to catch Mario’s eyes and see his own desire and fulfilment in them. He's enjoying this just as much as I am. Just seeing me react to his touch is enough. I stop worrying about not giving him what he needs, and let him take control of my lust.
I can't understand how his mouth and hands are everywhere on me, I can't stop lifting my hips into him, thrusting at him like some rutting animal. I need friction, I need warmth, I need a tight hot …….
I scream out as his mouth envelopes my swollen head. His groans let me know he's enjoying it just as much as I am. I lift my hips, screaming again when he swallows my cock into his throat. He clamp his hands on my hips, holding me on the bed and he works my rigid shaft into his hot, sweet, tight mouth.
He's so good, so in tune with how I need it. I'm pulsing and stiffening in his throat, begging for more, begging for his mouth to get me there. Just when I feel myself climbing those last few steps to freedom, he lifts off me, running his tongue up and down my shaft, licking my balls, sucking on them, humming around my frustrated cock until I'm crying out for him to let me go, to let me cum.
His body is on top of mine, his lips against my mouth. I can't control a single movement, it’s too much, I'm too out of control, too hysterical with desire. His fingers are expertly rolling my balls. His fingertip brushes over my hole—just the tiniest of touches, but it’s enough to switch up my moaning and grinding. I press against his finger, forcing him touch me firmly and he begins to rub my opening in soft circles, driving me insane. I want him to fill me up and touch me. I want feel him stretching me open and entering my body.
“Do touch yourself like this, Luca?”
Mario’s voice floats into my muddled mind, I can't speak, I just nod frantically. I cry out feeling his finger leave me.
“Shh, I'm not stopping.”
I feel his finger against me again, this time it’s wet and slippery. I relax again, feeling the lube coat me. His mouth is on my cock, my leg lifts up and drapes over his shoulder. My instinctive reaction so he can touch my more intimately. The slightest brush of his finger against my hole makes me cry out, his mouth is sucking me too slowly, I'm not getting what I need, I need more. Just then his finger slips inside me; I open my mouth and scream out.
“You're so ready, Luca.”
His finger fills me up, it’s bigger than mine, thicker, longer. He's right there, right where I need him to be. My body’s reacting and jerking to his touch. Softly work my head with his lips, so softly it’s killing me. I'm begging for more, for more of his mouth, for more of his fingers.
He stretches me open with his second finger, wider than I've ever been stretched before and I tense against him, but his mouth lulls me into that wild state where anything feels good. Just when I thought I couldn't feel anything more intense his fingers begin to move inside me.
“That’s it. That’s what I need.”
I pull my legs back, holding tightly onto the back of my thighs and his fingers hit me deeper, faster—brushing over my button, making my cock become so rigid and hard.
“You're so wet, Luca, dripping for me.” He swipes his tongue over my head, pushing his fingers deeper inside me.
“Yes, like that, more, give me more.”
“Luca, baby. Your arse feels so good. You're so stretched. So responsive. I want my cock buried in here.”
I cry out as he stretches me further. It hurts, burns, feels bad and then his mouth is on me and I feel another finger fighting to enter me. I want to say no, two is enough but I can't, I'm so close to cumming. Again his mouth leaves me and I almost weep at the loss. I'm hanging onto the cliff by my fingertips, I'm so tired, so ready to fall. I just need him to let me go.
When his third finger loosens me and fills me, it’s the end I need. I cry out and begin to shoot out. My cock is pulsing and tensing, forcing my cream to cover my stomach and chest. He’s filling me up, brushing over that sensitive spot inside me, making me stiffen and shoot again.
“Beautiful, Luca, so fucking beautiful.”
Mario’s body is on top of me, and I can feel his hard cock rubbing against my wet body. Wet with sweat, wet with cum. I'm exhausted, but still hungry. I open my heavy lids and raise my hips into his iron-like length.
“Still hungry, Luca?”
I wrap my legs around Mario’s hips, raising myself to him. His eyes darken and I feel his cock bobbing on my stretched hole. I want him to fill it. I want him to end this need that’s running through me.
“We can't, Luca.”
“I need you inside me.”
Mario hesitates but I see he wants it just as much.
“Please, please. Mario, I need this, you know I do. You know what I need. You know how to make me better. I need you inside me.”

Oh boy, that was hot. I don't know about you, but I need a tall glass of water now to cool down, and another one to drink. Thank you so much for sharing this sexy excerpt! ~S

Favourite comfort food?
I don’t really find comfort in food. I guess, if I had to choose one it would be cheese. If I’m feeling tired or I haven’t eaten in a while then I always fancy a cheese pizza.

A person you admire
It would have to say my mum. That’s probably a sad answer, but I really admire her a lot. Even more so since I became a mum myself.

If you could ask any person in the world one question of your choice, who would it be and what would you ask them?
I would ask you why this question is on your list, because it’s just too difficult to pick one person and one question. I have no idea, and I’ve thought about this one for ages.

Hehe... I like to make my interview guests sweat a little, in case you haven't noticed yet but it gets easier not that we move on to

The fast ones

Favourite colour? Black. I know it’s not a colour, but I love it. 
    Rubbish. Black is a colour. I love it too. ~S

Favourite pet? I had a little black cat called Yoyo, who passed away six months after we bought her. She was the best little pussycat ever and I still miss her.

Dog or cat? Cats. I have a Ragdoll who I love like my own baby.

Coffee or tea? Tea. Tetley tea though, I can’t drink anything else.

Quickie or candles? Erm, can I say both? A quickie followed by candles.

Hunky or chunky? Hmmm, slim and toned.

Suit & tie or jeans & boots? Suit and tie. But my husband just pointed out that I prefer them naked and ready to play.

Walk in the park or chat over cocktails? Cocktails all the way. I’m a sucker for anything sweet and I couldn’t wear my seven inch heels in the park. I don’t walk, the most I manage is from the taxi to the bar, where I hold court in my beautiful shoes.  

Thank you so much for the interview, Nicole! How about we grab another cocktail while you present your books? No, I'm not trying to make you drunk, why would you think that? Anyway, the stage is all yours now!

Hi Everyone,

I wrote The Hidden Series as short story for a website and quickly realised it was far too big. I had written it all as one book when I decided 350 A4 pages was too big for one book and was most definitely not a short story. I split the book into three parts, Hidden Truths, Hidden Pasts and Hidden Passion, I printed them off and read them, then wrote a prequel, Hidden Love, which started off as a few pages just to clarify the history of two of my main characters.

Writing the prequel changed the first books and I went back and edited and re wrote the first three. It was while writing my fourth book and editing the first three that I felt I had actually written something worthwhile. I've really fallen in love with all my characters, no matter how small or big their parts are in my books and because of that I have written further books following up the secondary characters and exploring their lives and loves.

I started off this journey with the intention of writing about love and the struggles and changes couples go through. The fact that most of my characters are gay or bisexual isn't intentional. I didn’t plan to write a 'gay love' story, to me this is just a love story. It's all just sex and it's who you love that's the important fact. I really hope people enjoy my books and get to love the men in my life like I have done. I love them all for many different reasons and I hope that you feel the same. 
                                                                                                                            ~Nicole Colville

Jamie Burton, an OCD controlled, cold, openly gay English Skier, falls for the outgoing, beautiful, sexually confused Italian Moto GP bike racer, Valerio Capelli. Despite both of them ignoring their obvious attraction for each other, they can’t hold back the passion they both experience when they meet. Jamie doesn’t want a relationship, at the age of twenty two he’s never felt anything close to love for another person, but Valerio is helping Jamie break all his rules, and for the first time Jamie begins to think about a future with the sexy Italian.

Moving forward means both of the men looking back into their painful pasts. Both have hidden the truth for so long. Both can help heal the other. But to heal they have to share their secrets. Slowly Valerio begins to see Jamie lies about his past, even to himself. Does Jamie really not see the truth about his own life, or is he lying to Valerio?

Nineteen year old Valerio Capelli has succeeded in his childhood dream of achieving the highest level he can in Moto GP, he is the current world champion and now it seems the whole world is interested in his life. He lives under a microscope and his new relationship with the very beautiful, very openly gay Jamie Burton is beginning to draw attention. Valerio can't even come out to his childhood friends, so sharing his sexuality with the world makes him hide his love and who he truly is.

Jamie has never had to consider anyone else’s feelings; he's never shared his life or emotions with anyone. Understanding the temperamental, melodramatic ways of his new Italian boyfriend is a work in progress. There's so much for them both to learn, their relationship is still tenderly hanging on by a thread but both are willing to fight to keep it alive.

Valerio’s past experiences with sex have held them both back and despite the frustration Jamie feels he's willing to wait until Valerio is ready to take the next step. Holding back is difficult especially when his hot ex Scot is still so willing to give Jamie the sex he's not able to have with Valerio.

It’s almost a year since Jamie Burton began the painful journey of recovering his hidden past with Scot Victore. Even though the past is beginning to become clear for Jamie his present is seriously mixed up. He is forced to live two lives, he moves from his love for his beautiful Valerio to the hidden passion he shared with Scot. His journey is a difficult one, he can't be told the truth, he has to see it for himself and only with the help of Scot Victore can he do that. He’s confused by the strong emotions he has returning for Scot, he knows inside there was more, more than he feels for Valerio. But he also knows it hurts to be with Scot. He knows he should love Valerio but the pull he feels for Scot keeps growing and growing.

Life with Valerio should be easy in comparison to his past relationship with Scot, but Valerio’s closeted homosexuality still hasn’t been resolved and they are nowhere near to having the open and loving relationship that Jamie craves for them. Hiding from the whole world is hard for them both, but Jamie never denies Valerio, never hides him and the frustration of always being held in the shadows of Valerio’s life is painful for Jamie.

Scot would never deny Jamie, never turn him away. He's there for him in a way only he can see right now. His pain is growing along with Jamie's memories. How long can he cope with his painful past being lived out right in front of him in a way he didn’t see the first time.

When the truth is out and Jamie see’s what he has spent years hiding inside his mind will it be time for Scot to step back and continue with his beautiful Rafael and let Valerio take Jamie from him? Or will he and Jamie be able to be the couple that he has always wanted them to be?

 (Hidden Love can be read as a stand-alone book or read as the first book in the series.)
Scot Victore is a multi-billionaire businessman. The world is his for the taking, nothing is out of reach when you have his power and his money, combined with his name, Victore. Anything Scot wants he gets, that's the way his life has always been. Whether it’s buying out a global company, or taking someone to his bed, everything comes easy to him. So why is it the one thing he wants more than anything is out of his reach?

Jamie Burton is a mysterious, beautiful, private young man. He's an enigma. Scot has known Jamie all his life but he suddenly realises that Jamie is a stranger to him. Finding out who Jamie is becomes an obsession, one that will overtake his every thought and control his mind.

Their relationship is out of control, incredibly passionate. The sex is dangerous and explosive, but it doesn’t end in the bedroom. Everything about Jamie and Scot is explosive. Everything apart from Jamie's feelings.

There’s no end to what Scot will do for Jamie. No end to how he loves him. No end to what he will do to keep him. But how far will he push the emotionally unstable love of his life? Too much?

Jamie has remembered his powerful hidden love of Scot and what the loss of it drove him to do is too much for the unstable Jamie to cope with. He is locked in a prison, but it’s not the hospital in which he is living in, it’s a prison of his own making, his mind. Two months of solitude have given Jamie the time to work through everything that he has hidden within himself and now he sees his life as it truly is. His past and the truths hidden in it are no hidden no more.

Jamie has a decision to make, he has shared his life with two men for too long, it’s time to choose. Shall he continue on with his beloved beautiful Valerio and try to work through their issues? If so what side of Valerio will prevail? The beautiful trusting, innocent side, or the controlling dominant jealous side.

Scot Victore is the partner Jamie deserves in so many ways, he would never deny him, never force him to do anything. He's always been there, always loved him but is it enough? Has it ever been enough? Jamie and Scot have to decide if either of them can forgive the mistakes of their past, but is forgiveness possible when both feel so betrayed by each other?

Follow Jamie, Scot and Valerio through the most painful and heartbreaking part of their lives. Only after feeling this pain can they all find true happiness.

 (Although this is book six of the series Hidden Pain can be read as a stand alone book.)

Eighteen year old Alexander Burton has just begun his first Formula One racing season. Perhaps following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps isn't what he wants, but Alexander lives to please the people who he loves. His carefree life comes to an abrupt halt when he literally runs into the sexiest domineering man he has ever laid his eyes on.

Gray Victore, the twenty six year old billionaire businessman, who has control over the sponsorship money to most of the F1 teams, is feared for a reason. He's anything but carefree and gentle, and his vampire-like personality sucks the young Alexander into his hold. The moment Alex looked into Gray’s black eyes, he saw something in them that made his entire being submit to his dominance and power. Not understanding the pull this arrogant homophobic bully has over him confuses Alexander and makes him open his mind to the possibility of entering into a very different relationship with the sexy blond.

Gray will become Alexander’s whole life, his reason for existing, the only thought that fills his mind. He is an obsession that drives Alexander mad and he welcomes it all. His only wish is to worship Gray and to allow Gray to give him the pleasure that only he could ever do. The pleasure of pain, of dominance, of being owned by another person so completely that his heart is not his own. He would do anything for Gray, give anything for Gray; he lives just for his touch no matter how soft or hard it may be.

At fourteen, Valerio Capelli is a rising star in the world of Italian bike racing, an outgoing carefree ordinary person with an extraordinary talent. He already knows he is different from other boys, but until now that has remained his little secret and that's the way it will always be. But when his parents split him up from his usual group of friends and he is forced to attend another school in the next village, his life is turned upside down by his new friendship with the most beautiful boy he has ever seen. Valerio is drawn to Rafael Rovella in a way he doesn’t yet understand.

An innocent love affair slowly develops, but it is quickly taken from them both when, at fifteen, Valerio meets the mysterious Victor Gray at one of his races and his life changes forever. Valerio may have survived his traumatising night with Victor but what remains is far worse. Rafael and Valerio were in love and now that's gone, taken by a man who Valerio will never be able to forget. Hurt, angry and full of shame, he has to hide what his true feelings are from everyone, including himself.

Scot and Jamie have been married for less than a year when the cracks in their relationship become gaping holes. Monte Carlo is full of rumours about them. Both are accused of having affairs. Both mistrust each other.

Jamie is ill and no one understands why. His past makes Scot believe he is hiding something, and that something is an affair with his sexy, dark haired private guard, Davide.

When Jamie and Davide disappear in Switzerland, Scot fails to see the truth and believes he has finally pushed Jamie too far. Pushed him into the waiting arms of Davide.

Kidnapped and being held against their will, Jamie and Davide are forced to be closer than either of them can bear. The attraction they share for each other is hard to keep at bay, even with the mystery of their imprisonment hanging over their heads.

Trying to unravel Jamie’s disappearance, Scot is thrown deeper into the dark past of his father and he has to work through the painful emotions he still has within him. When Scot believes he has no one left who he can trust. Someone returns to his life who he had long since buried. Someone who can help return Jamie to him, but at what cost?

(Can be read at any point during the series. $0.99)

Jameson Connor lives in rural Ireland with his loving Grandparents and his beautiful Mummy, Calista.

Jamie tells his story in the words of a child. He is four when he begins to understand that his mummy isn’t like other mummies, and people treat him differently for being her son.

See the world through the words of a child, a painful and confused heartbroken child who doesn’t understand why his mummy changes so suddenly; he doesn’t understand where good mummy goes or why bad mummy comes to stay. All he knows is that his mummy loves him, she doesn’t want to hurt him, she wants to protect him. But when protection turns to obsession Jamie isn’t safe.

Split between two separated parents in different countries and stuck in the middle of a messy legal battle for custody, Jamie is torn between his love for both his Mummy and Daddy.

 (This book follows on from Hidden Beginnings – Book seven)

After Jamie and Scot’s wedding, and the first few months of finding their feet as a married couple, Jamie sweeps Scot off for a romantic break at their lodge high in the mountains of Switzerland, and away from everyone else. Jamie plans to try out his new romantic ideas on his beloved husband.

This will be their first Christmas together as husband and husband and Jamie intends that his months of meticulous planning will go through without a hitch. It will be a beautiful, peaceful, non-eventful week with just the two of them. Spending time which they both need, alone and separated from their hectic lives back in the real world.

Well, that’s the plan. But when does anything in their life go that simple?

Two additional house guests arrive unexpectedly on their doorstep only two days into their idyllic break, ladened down with gifts and gossip, plenty of Christmas cheer and strong Italian wine. Oh, and their most recent relationship problems.

About the author

Nicole Colville was born and currently lives in England, Leeds, West Yorkshire. She is a wife and mother of two young girls who has recently decided to follow her dream of writing her own books. The Hidden Series now has ten books, and four more planned. She spends her days listening to the voices in her head and writing down what they tell her to, looking after her two girls and petting her cat.

Find Nicole on the web:
Facebook:  and
Amazon Author page:
Twitter: @NikkieColville

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