Sunday, 31 March 2013

Poem: Love is Pain

Well, I'm not the world's greatest at poetry. Inspiration finds me sometimes, but so far it has all ended up in the bottom drawer. This one I kinda like though, so I'm making it the first that gets to see the light. Here it is

Love is Pain

Love is pain
I hear you say
And never worth the gain
For every moment spent in bliss
Comes with a price to pay

Your heart must learn to miss
The counterpart it found
Your soul will treasure memories
Like a lover's voice's sound

Feelings are the casualties
Of life's ironic twists
That hold us in their clasp
Like handcuffs to our wrists

And yet, when you grasp
In the blink of an eye
That moment in eternity
When together you fly

Emotions turned certainty
Your soul in tune with his
Would you say in all honesty
That you'd want to miss this?

The burden is life
The talent is strength
Letting go is the sacrifice
And love's ultimate price


Blast from the Past

Hi all,

Welcome to this week's Blast from the Past. Those are snippets from the interviews I've given in the past, because some of my interviewers' questions were just too good to answer only once. They can be serious or funny, insightful or just plain naughty, so - Enjoy!

Here it goes:

Q: When and why did you begin writing?

A: I always wanted to be a writer but well, my muse kept avoiding me. He was probably not all that happy with my plan to write crime or maybe mainstream romance. Then one night I woke up with a character in my head and all those scenes. It was a bit scary, because for about a week, all those scenes just kept developing and more and more of the story presented itself to me until eventually, I picked up my laptop and started writing it down. I guess it was either that or going insane because yes, by that time I was tempted to actually talk to that guy. Sadly his story has yet to be published but a lot of other fascinating characters have taken over since and happily share the space inside my head.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Excellent review for A Life as a Ghost

What a great way to start the day. I'd just written an amazing sex scene for the third Nightmare (my new TEB series) when a friend sent me the link to an excellent review of A Life as a Ghost. Happy Sage!

Oh, here's the link:

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Mary Corrales

Hi all, 

Today's Tuesday Teaser may or may not enjoy a romantic setting to get in the mood for her erotic stories. She's guilty of multiple crushes on fictional heroes and she may or may not have physically affected yours truly with the sexy snippet which you will find below. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to 
Mary Corrales

Hi Mary, thanks for being my guest today. Take a seat, grab a cocktail and let's talk. Here are
The business ones
What genre(s) do you write in and why?
I write in various genres of male/female erotic romance. I'm partial to paranormal and futuristic/Scifi, but I've also written contemporary suspense eroticas.

Tell us about your latest release 
Well, Love's Demon Ways is the story of Alexine Coridan and the way her broken heart and a one-night stand turned into an incredible love. Sometimes the worst situation can help us find the love of our lives.

Do you need a special setting to write in or do you have a ceremony to get you in the mood? What does it look like? 
Oh yes. Soft music, a fire in my fireplace and lingerie. *snicker* Okay, not really. I just need quiet and time. I prefer to write in the morning before I start my housework, that way I feel that I've accomplished something that furthers my writing career.

Describe your feelings when you learned that your first book was accepted for publication. 
My heart pounded and I laughed which quickly threatened to turn to happy tears. I called my mom and she was overjoyed for me. What a rush that moment was! The great thing is that I get that feeling again every time another manuscript is accepted.

Has the release of your first book changed anything in your personal life? If so, what? 
Yes, I've become far more computer savvy and even blog and tweet now.

Where do you find inspiration?
From my everyday life although I do have a very active imagination.

Who is your favourite character and why? 
No favourites. I love them all.

A favourite paragraph from one of your books
This is from by vampire erotic novella, Tasting Camilla:

He clenched his jaw against the effect of her sultry voice on his body. Damn vampires and their sexual allure. He’d made a living killing these creatures, and not until meeting Elisa had he ever gotten a hard-on from one.

Ah, those sexy vampires... Sigh. Anyway, it's time for

The nosy ones

How much of the real “you” is in your stories? 
It's possible a character or psychological trait has made its way into my books, but I'd say they are 99.97% imagination.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Who was it? 
Oh yes, I fall for every hero that I write. Each is their own person and each enriches my life in some way, the way a great boyfriend should. lol

What’s the silliest error in a book you’ve submitted? 
I misspelled the heroine's name and the editor had to correct it...twice.

The steamiest scene from your books
Hmm, okay but I'm not responsible for any physical effects your readers may experience from this scene in Love's Demon Ways. *grin*

He pulled her close, molding her soft curves to his hard body. His hands brushed her wings and she shivered, kissing him back with fervor. He growled, wanting more.
Sliding his arms beneath her, he scooped her up, taking her to the nearest apple tree. Their tongues continued to dance the entire time. He put her on her feet then braced both hands on the wide trunk, caging her in.
If he wanted her compliance, he needed to conquer her indirectly. His instinct urged him to force her obedience, but his heart urged him to seduce her. She must submit to him willingly.
“Interested in a trick?” he murmured against her lips. He gazed at her plump and swollen mouth, enjoying its darkened pink coloration.
She nodded. Her tongue slipped out to caress her obviously tender lips.
He watched the quick movement, and the small hairs all over his body stood on end. He loved her
tongue and looked forward to seeing what other delights she could bring his body.
With both hands braced on the dead tree trunk he poured a slight amount of energy into the tree. It shivered. The energy he poured into it was a potent sexual fruition that caused small green leaves to sprout along with delicate white flowers. Each flower glowed like a dazzling pearl, luminescent from within.

Mmmm. Very nice. Thank you for that hot little snippet, Mary. I think we'd better move on now to

The fast ones

Favourite comfort food?

Favourite colour?
Blood red

Dog or cat?

Coffee or tea?

Quickie or candles? 

Hunky or chunky?

Suit & tie or jeans & boots?
Jeans and boots

Walk in the park or chat over cocktails? 
Chat over cocktails

Thanks so much for being here, Mary. Before I let you go, let's take a quick look at your book, Love's Demon Ways

Alexine Coridan is lonely and unlucky in love. Vowing to live her life with no more regrets, she decides to have a one-night stand with the Nightfall Art Gallery’s reclusive owner, Ren Aloysius, but is he more than she is looking for? What forces will be unleashed when she sheds her inhibitions for a man who promises ecstasy with just one touch?

Buy links: 
Amazon Kindle:

About the author

Mary Corrales is an erotic romance author who enjoys writing in multiple genres. Whether paranormal, futuristic or contemporary suspense, she's always creating characters that are deserving of the adventure of love.

Author website:

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Blast from the Past

Hi all,

Welcome to this week's Blast from the Past. Those are snippets from the interviews I've given in the past, because some of my interviewers' questions were just too good to answer only once. They can be serious or funny, insightful or just plain naughty, so - Enjoy!

Here it goes:

Q: Contrary to what some people envision about a romance writer’s life, it’s not all glitz and glamor. Well not for the majority of us. With that bubble sadly busted, when you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?

A: I’m the lucky parent of a big and boisterous toddler who has set out to explore her world and everything in it. That alone keeps me well occupied. Combined with having a house and doing the administrative work being a writer brings with it, I could use an extra twelve hours in my day. Luckily I function quite well on an average of five to six hours of sleep, but believe me, if you saw me when I get up in the mornings, you’d forget all about that vision of glamour and glitz!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

New author tag line

Hi all,

It's officially spring and the perfect time to sweep out the house and make some changes. I've decided to take on a new author tag line, so from now on, it's

Sage Marlowe - Exploring the flavours of gay erotic fiction

I think this mirrors my, ahem, field of expertise better than the old line, so I hope you like it.



Friday, 22 March 2013

Sage is Out: Love Romances and More

Hi all,

I'm over at the Love Romances and More Blog with an interview. Come on over and leave a comment for a chance to win one of my backlist titles (winner's choice). Contest ends March 25th.

Here's your link:

See ya!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sage is Out: Birthday party at Laurie Roma's

Hi all,

It's Laurie Roma's birthday today and I'm over at her place with a bunch of other authors to help her celebrate. Drop in and meet my hero.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sage is Out: Interview at Joyfully Reviewed

Hi all,

I was interviewed by the ladies of Joyfully Reviewed. Find out more about A Life as a Ghost, my latest release, and some background info on yours truly. Here's your link:

See ya!


Blast from the Past

Hi all,

Welcome to this week's Blast from the Past. Those are snippets from the interviews I've given in the past, because some of my interviewers' questions were just too good to answer only once. They can be serious or funny, insightful or just plain naughty, so - Enjoy!

Here it goes:

Q. How long does it take to write a book?

A. Depends on how much my other life gets in the way. The fastest were probably Knives & Feathers and Sub-Culture which are both around 50K and took three weeks to write each. The novellas A Taste of Paradise and Ink, Sweat and Tears were finished in nine days. On the other hand, the two books in the Phoenix-series were a real bugger at the polishing stage. The story started out as only the second book I'd ever written and required a lot of work to become what these two volumes are now. Altogether, I spent almost two years on them, revisiting, adding, changing and deleting bits and pieces again and again until I saw them fit for submission. And still my editor wanted me to expand on the sex scenes... I think I succeeded in making him happy, hehe.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sage is Out: Sinning with Simone Sinna

Hi all,

I'm out today spending a Wicked Wednesday at Simone Sinna's. Drop by and tell us what you think about my sinful life

See ya soon!


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Giveaway: TRR 2nd Anniversary

Hi all,

You might have heard it already, The Romance Room is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary with a huge, month-long event - now guess what? I'm part of it and giving away a copy of Sub-Culture.

To join the party and go to The Romance Room's website, please click the image below.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Special Guest: Kam and Dirk


Hi all,

I'm thrilled to welcome not just one, but two special guests today - Kam and Dirk are paying me another visit. They're here to present their latest story, Sinfully Delicious. 

Kameron and Dirk, a passionate couple in and out of the bedroom, has decided to join forces and bring their erotic imagination to life with words. Their solo stories are electric; however, the works they create together will practically sizzle off the page. Yes, they might live in a quiet suburb neighborhood, but they’re anything but tame and unadventurous. A fact you shall read and learn about soon enough.

Kam and Dirk collaboration – “Sinfully Delicious” (M/F)

Book Summary:
Christine's been without a man for far too long, so she lets her BFF Jasmine talk her into speed-dating. Unfortunately, far too many of her dates are romantic non-starters -- in the worst way. But all it takes is one... and when the right man comes along, he's Sinfully Delicious.

Purchase link:


Wednesday Evening

It’d been two years, six months, and fourteen days since Christine had felt the loving touch of anyone but herself -- not that she was keeping track. Which was the reason she’d allowed her best gal-pal, Jasmine, to talk her into heading out tonight and giving the speed-dating scene a try… again.

“Woo hoo, Christine. Come in. Are you with me?”

Christine studied her completed look in the glass door of the Midnight Rendezvous. She held the phone tucked between her ear and shoulder while she kept tugging at the hem of her dress, which barely covered her ass cheeks. “Jasmine, I can’t believe you talked me into this get-up. I’m literally popping out all over.”

“Babe, you look hot, so quit the bitching and stop tugging on it.”

Christine’s hands stalled and dropped to her sides. “How’d you know what I was doing? Are you lurking nearby?”

Jasmine’s voice rose an octave. “Hello, best friend here. I know you, and I know you’re freaking the hell out. Do me a favor and relax, because any man would be lucky to have you. Now, hang up and get your sexy ass inside.”

Christine gave herself a final once-over and took a deep breath, releasing it slowly. “Thanks, Jasmine. You always know how to calm me down. Love you.”

“I love you too. Now go.”

Christine nervously inched her way over to the sign-up table, paid the twenty-dollar fee, picked up a nametag, and found an unoccupied chair. As the announcer went over all the rules of the event, she eyed the prospects and found several who looked attractive. Hope began to blossom. It seemed simple enough. Every two minutes a new man would sit down across from her and engage in a brief conversation. If she believed a connection was made, she would place his name on a card. The men would do the same, and if there was a match between cards, both parties would be notified through an email. “I can do this,” she mumbled.

The announcer rang the bell.

The first eligible bachelor, Bradley, sat down, and it was two minutes of pure awkwardness. His hands shook uncontrollably, and he wouldn’t stop apologizing. He refused to make eye contact and finally excused himself to the restroom, leaving her alone.

Christine couldn’t believe how badly the night was starting off. She tried to embrace Jasmine’s glass half full attitude and hope the next guy would at least remain seated for the entire two minutes.

Ding. A very handsome man with perfect features slid into the chair across from Christine. She noticed right off the bat he had no wrinkle lines, crow’s feet, laugh lines -- nada. She found that odd until he spoke. Then it all became clear. Unlike Bradley, he didn’t say “Hi” or offer any other pleasantries. His gaze traveled from her face down to her chest, head tilting left to right, and then he spoke. “You have a beautiful face and body, from what I can see, for a woman of your age, but if you ever decide to fix your trouble spots, I’d be happy to give you a discount.”

Christine couldn’t believe her luck. She already doubted her looks, and now this man she didn’t know was judging her appearance? Great, just freaking great. If she were Jasmine, she would’ve been spewing words that would make a sailor blush; however, Christine hated public confrontations. Instead she put on a fake smile. “Don’t bother writing my name down.” Their remaining time couldn’t possibly end quickly enough for her liking.

Ding. “Thank God that’s over.” One look at the surgeon, and she realized she’d spoken aloud. She opened her mouth to apologize, but before she could get the chance, he turned and walked away.

Prospective dates three through twelve were nice enough, but she knew they’d be no more than friends, and not the kind with naughty benefits. Her shoulders slumped in depression and she wondered why she’d let Jasmine talk her into this. A dozen men had come and gone but none lit a fire in her belly. Eyes downcast, she waited to hear the sound of a chair scraping the floor.

Instead, she felt cool glass press against her palm and a warm breath against her ear. “I didn’t know what you normally drink, but I sensed you needed something strong.”

Christine looked up into the most gorgeous eyes she’d ever seen. They were almost hypnotic, and his voice was equally distracting, drawing her in. She was clueless about how long she stared at him like a lovesick puppy, but it was long enough that another bachelor took his position for the two-minute meet and greet. Spell broken, she addressed dreamy eyes first because she had to know his name. “Umm, yes, thank you, Mr…”

“You may call me Sin.” Then he stood upright and kept all his attention on her but clearly directed his words to the gentleman across the table. “If you were a smart man, you’d start the conversation by telling her how gorgeous she looks tonight. Let her know no other woman has ever looked lovelier in your eyes. That from the moment you saw her, you wanted nothing more than to feel her lips against yours, to touch her and be touched by her.”

Christine grew more aroused with each word Sin uttered. She’d come out tonight looking for a spark, and damn if she hadn’t found a five-alarm fire. Did Sin realize the effect his words were having on her?

He winked, and her silent question was answered. Damn him, he knew exactly what he was doing to her. The other bachelor cleared his throat. “Yeah, thanks for the advice, but I don’t need it. I’ve got this.”

Sin’s face tensed up. “Not yet, you don’t.”

Contact info Kam and Dirk:
Facebook Author page:

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