Guest Bloggers

My blog is open for promo posts from guest bloggers. If you're interested in a spot, you have three options to choose from: 

  • Interview: A fun session with Sage, including book blurb / cover art (no excerpts)
  • Blog post: A topic of your choice (as long as it's legal) along with book blurb and cover art (excerpt only if the entire post is no longer than 1200 words)
  • Book Showcase: Book blurb / cover art / excerpt (up to 1000 words)
Guest spots can be scheduled for any day of the week, unless I have a post of my own up. They are first come, first serve, so the earlier you ask, the higher your chance to get the date you want. If you'd like to be my guest, send me an email: marlowe DOT sage AT

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