Monday, 2 July 2012

Excerpt: First Kiss from Sub-Mission

Here's a snippet I saved from the old blog - Noah & Pierce's first kiss from Sub-Mission - enjoy!

A small step brought him right in front of Noah and he extended his hands, gently touching him for the first time. Noah quivered a little but stood perfectly still as Pierce ran his hands over his body. Yes, his skin was just as smooth to the touch as it looked.
Pierce trailed his fingers down Noah’s chest to just below his belly button, then along his hips to that firm, well-shaped bottom and up again over his shoulders and to his neck. He curled the fingers of one hand around the back of Noah’s head and pulled him closer. Noah resisted for a fragment of a second, then met Pierce’s mouth. A groan escaped Pierce at that first contact. Noah’s lips yielded under his and a wave of lust rushed through him. He pushed eagerly, opening Noah’s reluctant mouth with his tongue and darted it inside. Warm, moist velvet welcomed him. Noah tasted very nice; of man with just a little minty something lingering on his breath. Moving his other hand to the small of Noah’s back, Pierce pulled him closer and pressed their bodies together in a hard line.

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