Monday, 1 October 2012

Manic Monday - Social Media

Welcome to my first Manic Monday. MMs (read "Manic Mondays" for once, not male/male - gosh, you've got a one-track mind *rolls eyes*) are my space to vent my spleens from now on. Not that I'd do that often. Hell, no - I do it very often. And one of the best ways to get me started is usually connected to the internet in one way or other, which is why you can expect to read a lot about website construction and the use of various software (Yes, Blogger, there will be a post just about you!), electronic gadgets and the likes.

 But today, it's going to be all about social media, and here's why:

Up until very recently, my working day would look like this:
Sage snatches laptop, opens lid, presses on-button and sits down. Waits impatiently for computer to boot. Waits for Internet Explorer to launch. Waits for Yahoo! home screen to open. Checks email - you get the gist.
So far, so good. The next step would be accesses word-files and starts working on latest WIP / edits / cover questionnaire - but not anymore, no-ooo! And you know why? Uh-huh. I'm on Facebook, so for the past couple of weeks, there's been a lot of switches windows to check Facebook updates. Scribbles frantic messages on other people's walls. Ogles hunky guys and sometimes even drools a bit. Tries to figure out which one of the roughly 500 entries for Matt Bomer is the real man. Concludes he isn't on FB after all and decides to stick within the author circle. Oops, sorry, I might have got a bit sidetracked there but, uh, if you happen to know which profile page is his, you'll tell me, right? Pretty please?

So that's me and Facebook. Against my expectations, I like it. I really, really do. I enjoy the easy exchange with people, I like finding friends I would never have met in real life and I'm still in awe of the fact that some of the authors I used to secretly admire are now on my friends list. Love it. But all this chatting and keeping up-to-date, not to mention the drooling over piccies is also a huge time suck and to make matters worse, I've finally taken the step to open up a Twitter account. And you know what? I'm beginning to feel REALLY overwhelmed. How can people keep track of all the information floating around? Honestly, CAN people keep track of all the information floating around? While still getting some work done, I mean.

What's it like for you? Are you into social media and what's your playground? Facebook? Twitter? Or any of the others I have yet to explore, like Pinterest and all those I have never even heard of?

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