Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Thief on Christmas Eve - cover reveal & adult excerpt

Hi all, here's the long awaited cover for A Thief on Christmas Eve (Romeo & Julian 1)

And to celebrate, here's the naughty excerpt from A Thief on Christmas Eve - I know you've been waiting for that one ;)
 (note: if you haven't read the story excerpt yet, I recomment you read it first as it is the beginning of the story)

This scene finds the boys trapped in the house in the mountains and Julian has just fallen victim to Romeo's immense charm... Enjoy!

Julian couldn’t remember ever having felt so nervous walking into a bedroom as he did just now, following Romeo. It wasn’t just anticipation and the sizzle of arousal he experienced at watching Romeo in motion, at seeing the shapely, firm buttocks in front of him shift and flex underneath their cover of tight-fitted slacks. It was far more than an illicit indulgence.
He stood to lose a lot by this. His career and reputation, potentially. He was well aware of that, and yet he couldn’t seem to make himself stop. The chances of getting caught were practically non-existent and yet—Who was he kidding? In those magically charged minutes leading up to their big moment of intimacy, Julian would’ve risked everything to be with Romeo. He was lost, powerless in the face of the temptation Romeo presented to him, and he couldn’t seem to resist the whirlwind of emotions the man stirred inside him anymore than the snow outside could resist the fierce storm that whipped it around. Romeo had stopped in front of him. Between him and the bed. Julian swallowed, nervous. Maybe Romeo was a little nervous, too, because he hesitated for a few seconds before turning around. He was just an inch or two shorter than Julian, and had to tilt his head up slightly to be able to look him in the eyes. It was almost too dark to be able to read their expression, but Julian could have sworn that the emotions in them were genuine. Arousal, excitement, anticipation. The same emotions that were leaving him with a flurry feeling in his belly. But there was something else, too. Something he never would have expected to see in the eyes of this cool, slick criminal. Awe. Fear. Romeo’s bottom lip trembled. Could it be that in this moment, he was as insecure as Julian was?
Strangely, Romeo’s sudden reluctance and vulnerability made Julian only more determined to have him. Romeo was stripped of his haughty superiority for once and he surrendered on a purely emotional level. Leaning in, Julian kissed him, and just like that, the spell was broken.
Romeo responded to the kiss with the unconcealed hunger of a starving man. They caressed, licked, teased, sliding their tongues together as they reacquainted themselves with all the shapes and peculiarities they had only just gotten to know a few minutes earlier. It was impossible to tell who had taken the next step, but suddenly, they were on the bed. Julian would have liked to keep up the pretence Romeo had built with his words but he forced himself to pick up the handcuff that was dangling loosely from Romeo’s arm. Its twin was still locked around Romeo’s wrist and for a few agonizing heartbeats, Julian feared that Romeo would fight him. But Romeo just glanced up at him with a tender expression in his eyes and raised his arm above his head.
A faint smile curled his lips when he said, “Not that I mind a little bondage, but you might want to take off my sweater first.”
“Oh. Right.”
Julian reached down and, sliding his hands underneath the black cashmere, he pushed it up over Romeo’s belly, shoulders and head. There was a second layer of thermal underwear to remove, then Julian was staring at one of the best-shaped, smoothest-skinned male stomachs he had ever seen. Unable to resist, he lowered his head and licked a long line upward from just above Romeo’s waist across his muscular chest and his neck, over his chin and all the way to his mouth. They kissed again, and the air around them was sizzling with pent-up arousal, but Julian managed to cling on to his self-control and reached for the handcuff again.
This time he didn’t falter. He clicked it shut around the sturdy metal rail on the bed’s headboard, distractedly taking in the fortunate coincidence that the bed had a sturdy metal rail on its headboard, then he pulled his hand back and cupped Romeo’s cheek with it.
“Tell me what you like,” he whispered and gently took the tip of Romeo’s chin between his teeth.
“Just…oh, fuck me,” Romeo gasped. His voice had gone tight and he was staring up at Julian from underneath half-closed eyelids. Tilting his hips, he rubbed the hard bump at his groin against Julian’s thigh in the unmistakable search for friction. He seemed desperate, and Julian was only too happy to help ease his pressure.
He shifted down on the bed and undid Romeo’s fly, brushing a quick kiss on the tip of the swollen cock that sprang free, then he pulled the slacks over Romeo’s narrow hips and down his long, lean-muscled legs.
Romeo was breathtaking. He had the slender, graceful build of a ballet dancer and the need to have him, to explore every inch of this wonderful body, became overwhelming. Trailing his hand up one leg, Julian followed the curve of muscle to between Romeo’s thighs, then nudged them apart. He let his fingers wander higher, to that tempting, warm cleft but resisted the urge to dip into it. He’d do that later. First, he wanted to give Romeo’s eager cock some attention.
Leaning down, he kissed the tip once more. A drop of pre-cum moistened his lips and he gathered it with his tongue, savoring his lover’s unique, salty flavor. He drew a teasing circle around the slit then opened his mouth a little further, pursed his lips and brushed their moist inside to that highly sensitive patch of skin. Romeo let out a long groan as Julian started to suckle his dick gently. He tried to push up, but Julian stopped him with a hand to his stomach. Romeo let out another groan, more frustrated this time, but he obeyed and passively let Julian explore all the ways he could make him gasp, whimper and moan.


  1. oooohhh!! what a tease!!! lol... I so can't wait for this to come out!! <3 <3 I'm totally going to enjoy it.
    Thanks for sharing. :D

    1. Hehe, you're welcome, Loveless. Not much longer now :) And you're right, those two are a big tease with all the games they play...

  2. Hi, Sage,

    "Romeo and Julian" - priceless!

    And you're supposed to tease the readers with your excerpts. Let 'em beg!

  3. Mmm, Lisabet, teasing readers and making them beg... You'd make a fabulous BDSM author - oh wait, you already are one ;)