Monday, 31 December 2012

VIP release: Sub-Culture

With the year drawing to an end, I'm celebrating with a brand new release: Sub-Culture, the sequel to my first-ever novel Sub-Mission is out on TEB's VIP release today. It follows up on Noah and Pierce's story and well, what can I say? Five years later, these two are still an amazing couple and the sex between them is hotter than ever. But best see for yourself...

When life gets on top, delving into a sub-culture may be just what it takes to keep a sinking relationship afloat
Five years after the bumpy start to their relationship, Noah and Pierce have settled well into their lives as a happy couple. The arrival of a new child should have made their matrimonial bliss complete, but the strain of raising a baby and a teenager, combined with a lot of pressure in their jobs, is beginning to take its toll.
In the midst of what already is a potentially explosive situation, Noah’s younger brother Jonah comes to stay with them, forcing Noah to face the issues he still has regarding his homophobic parents and adding to the emotional pressure he is under.
When Noah starts behaving oddly and Pierce just can’t seem to put his jealousy to rest, the cracks in their relationship become too severe to ignore any longer. They struggle to keep their sinking love afloat but as Noah craves the comfort a certain sub-culture can offer, Pierce finds himself wondering just how far he is willing to step out of his own comfort zone to save their love.


Sub-Culture by Sage Marlowe
MM erotic romance / BDSM / contemporary, novel (sequel to Sub-Mission)
Published by Total-E-Bound
Heat rating: Total-e-melting

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This title is available as of today on TEB's VIP customer program. Not a VIP yet? It's easy to become one. Simply follow the link on the book's product page to sign up and read this and many other books up to four weeks before the official release - and get them at discount rates, too!

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