Monday, 28 January 2013

General Release Day: Sub-Culture

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Today is the big day for Noah and Pierce. Sub-Culture goes on general release, which means it becomes available from the big distributors like Amazon today. What better time to tell you a bit about the story behind the book.

After seeing several couples and a triad on their way to happy endings, I've grown used to all kinds of behaviour from my characters. Some are the quiet kind, some are very noisy, some can't wait to tell me their story, some require a bit of coaxing. I love exploring their quirky personalities and letting them take me on the exciting journeys of their lives. I love it when they just enter my head and grab a hold of my mind until their stories are told. Just when I thought I knew how it works, I was in for a surprise.

When I finished writing my debut novel Sub-Mission, I already knew there would be a follow-up which tells Francis' story. I wrote Re-Submission a few weeks later. When I finished Re-Submission, I knew there would be a follow-up on Tyler's story. I started writing that but then I got sidetracked. Well, not sidetracked so much as taken hostage. Another character entered my head, another idea and I started writing the story of Jonah, Noah's brother. No, wait! Jonah isn't the one who took me hostage, so don't blame him. Well, he did, technically, but before he could make me write even a single sentence about him, his big brother Noah stepped in along with his husband Pierce, and those two grabbed the story along with my mind and ran with it.

There was no hope for resistance. I just had to write them a sequel. At least they were kind enough to deliver the plot willingly. Very willingly, and oh, what a plot. I squirmed and cried and asked them if they were serious so many times. They took me through all the ups and downs of a long-term relationship, through the wear of raising a baby and the tear of mistrust, misunderstanding and jealousy. I cried for them and with them. I loved them for their devotion and hated them for their blindness and stupidity. They told me a story I hadn't expected in many ways and put me through quite an ordeal but it was well worth it.

I'm sorry, Jonah. You will get your story, promise. I just hope Noah and Pierce won't step in again and do their thing with it. Or maybe I wish they did...

MM erotic romance / BDSM / contemporary, novel (sequel to Sub-Mission)
Published by Total-E-Bound
Heat rating: Total-e-melting

When life gets on top, delving into a sub-culture may be just what it takes to keep a sinking relationship afloat

Five years after the bumpy start to their relationship, Noah and Pierce have settled well into their lives as a happy couple. The arrival of a new child should have made their matrimonial bliss complete, but the strain of raising a baby and a teenager, combined with a lot of pressure in their jobs, is beginning to take its toll.
In the midst of what already is a potentially explosive situation, Noah’s younger brother Jonah comes to stay with them, forcing Noah to face the issues he still has regarding his homophobic parents and adding to the emotional pressure he is under.
When Noah starts behaving oddly and Pierce just can’t seem to put his jealousy to rest, the cracks in their relationship become too severe to ignore any longer. They struggle to keep their sinking love afloat but as Noah craves the comfort a certain sub-culture can offer, Pierce finds himself wondering just how far he is willing to step out of his own comfort zone to save their love.

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