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Tuesday Teaser: Clair de Lune

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Today's Tuesday Teaser has been here once before, not so long ago. She's best known as the reputable grandma who writes BDSM books - well, she's a grandma all right but keeps arguing the reputable - and now she's started a brand new series, the Cairngorm Dragons.
Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome 
Clair de Lune

When I went on holiday to Moray last year I little dreamed that I would spend a lot of my time writing, not just one, but two books in a new genre. One of the excursions we decided to do was to Loch Ness. It was years since I'd been there. We'd taken our children to visit the loch and the museum and now my eldest son was taking his children to do the same. He drove us along the banks of the loch and I got out to take photos. The water is deep and dark. The loch lies in a valley with fairly steep sides in some places and you can feel the mystery and menace as you gaze into the waters. The refrain of an old song repeated in my brain. "There is a monster in Loch Ness, the fact ye cannae hide." A voice whispered in my ear what if there really were a monster in there? What would it look like? Suddenly my mind was full of dragon shape-shifters. I got back into the car got out my notebook and began to write. Ever spare minute was spent writing, even watching the Olympics. I sat on the beach at Findhorn with my grandchildren making sand castles and wrote. I enjoyed creating a new world with its roots in Scotland but with the freedom to give my dragon lords all sorts of fantastic powers, some of which got them into hot water with their chosen ladies.  
The result of all this was Dragon's Mate the first in the Cairngorm Dragons series. Ness was introduced as something of a red herring in that book but he decided he wanted his story told. What he didn't want to do was tell me the title. I played with lots of different ones and none seemed to fit. The day before I sent it off I said "Ness is the bane of my life." Then I knew what he wanted Ness's Bane was the result. 

Thank you for having me on your blog Sage. It's always a pleasure to visit. 

And here are the fabulous books in the Cairngorm Dragons series

Dragon's Mate (MF)
Cairngorm Dragons 1

By: Clair de Lune
Word Count: 21,828
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

[Siren Classic: Erotic Historical Fantasy Romance, shape-shifters, sex in shifted form, light bondage, spanking, HEA]

Braemuir is the chieftain of the Clan and a shape-shifter. He must find a mate and impregnate her before the Gathering of the Clan at the Summer Solstice if he is to stave off a challenge for the leadership.
An unknown black dragon and his mate are trying to get rid of Braemuir in order to keep the Clan treasure for themselves. When Eilidh NicDhoughal mates with Braemuir, she becomes able to shape-shift, too, but being Braemuir’s mate puts a target on her back—and if one of a mated pair dies, the other will die, too.
As Braemuir struggles to keep Eilidh safe from the black dragon’s attempts to dispose of them, a battle ensues amongst the dragons. Just when the identity of the black dragon is finally discovered, Braemuir gets another shock that will change his world forever.

A Siren Erotic Romance

 Adult excerpt:

“Why didn’t you believe me? Why didn’t you trust me?” 
“I don’t know. I didn’t think you would want me when you could have her. She’s so much more beautiful than I am. She’s clever, too,” she whispered.
“Do you believe me now? Will you trust me, whatever anyone else says?” he demanded.
“Yes, my lord. I do, I will.”
She went into his arms and he held her close. Then he bent and picked up the bottle with the potion in it. He hurled it against a rock, where the bottle shattered into a thousand pieces. The potion sank into the sand. He placed his hand on her belly and said, “Our son is safe now.”
He led her to a rock, and he sat down upon it, turned her over his knee, and spanked her plump, little bottom soundly. She squirmed and wriggled and cursed, to no avail. He spanked her until his hand hurt, and her bottom was red and glowing. Her cream ran down her legs, and she wriggled her pussy against his leg. He read her contrition in her thoughts, and he was content. He let her up and cuddled her close.
“If ever you make me so afraid again, you won’t sit comfortably for a se’nnight.”
He turned her, and he rubbed her bottom. He bent to kiss each plump cheek in turn. Then he cuddled her close again and buried his face in her hair.
“My love, I thought I’d lost you and our child. Don’t allow another to so influence you again. If you have doubts, come to me. You may read, in my mind, what the truth of the matter is.”
“I promise, my lord,” she said.
He turned her again and instructed her to bend over the rock and hold on tight.
“This will be hard and fast,” he promised her.
He entered her from behind, clutching her hips and pounding into her hot, wet, willing cunt. She ground her bottom into his groin, in spite of her sore cheeks. He read in her mind that the bite of pain added to her arousal and her enjoyment. He reached around and rubbed her between the swollen puffy lips of her pussy. Her cream ran down her thighs. His strong fingers rubbed, pinched, and flicked her little pearl. She came in a rush, moaning and sobbing in her pleasure. Her pussy muscles convulsed around his cock, squeezing and milking him as he thrust his rigid length into her as far as it would go, and then he drew it out and did it over and over until he came with a roar. His hot seed filled her. He collapsed on top of her. When his heart had slowed, he lifted off her and withdrew his softening cock. He stripped her and walked down to the sea. He walked into the sea with her then tossed her into the waves. She came up spluttering and laughing. They swam and frolicked in the waves until, tired, they came out and he dried her with his plaid.

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Ness's Bane (MF)
Cairngorm Dragons 2

By: Clair de Lune
Word Count: 20,904
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

AVAILABLE: Wednesday, January 23rd
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, January 30th.

[Siren Classic: Erotic Historical Fantasy Romance, shape-shifters, Kinbaku, spanking, HEA]

When Muireall, a dragon shape-shifter, is pursued by Ness, she tries to deny her attraction to him and refuses to agree to be his mate. But Ness won’t take no for an answer, and she finally gives in to his charms.
When they return to Darroch Keep on Loch Ness, trouble awaits in the form of Macbethad, who wants to be Clan chieftain. In an attempt to dispose of Ness, Macbethad decides to kidnap Muireall but is foiled, and a battle in the loch ensues.
Amidst the chaos, several of the Clan’s women have lost their babies. Ness, fearing for Muireall’s health, is not allowing her to become pregnant, so Muireall has to take drastic action.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Adult excerpt:

She jumped up and ran off.
“You’ll have to catch me first, my lord of Ness.”
He was up and after her, in a trice. His longer legs meant he could run faster, but she was very nimble on her feet, and she dodged him very successfully. Eventually, she tired and he caught her. Holding her tight with her arms to her sides, she was helpless.
“Now, little rabbit. What sort of punishment do you deserve for running from your lord and master?”
“It’s hardly my fault that you couldn’t catch me sooner.”
“Brave little rabbit, but I said ‘come here,’ and you didn’t. So punishment is due.”
His hands felt her bottom, and he kneaded and pinched as she squirmed in his embrace. She squeaked as a firmer pinch to her bottom made her flinch.
“My lord of Ness, that’s not fair. I can’t use my hands and arms.”
“What would you be doing with your hands, my love?”
“Why, pinching your bottom, too, my lord.”
He hefted her over his shoulder. Her arms dangled down his back and his hands held her in place. She tried to reach his behind, covered in his plaid, but she couldn’t. He, on the other hand, used one free hand to caress and tweak her bottom, until she was heated and needy. He carried her from the living area of the hall, up the wide oak staircase, and along the corridor to their room. There he dropped her on the bed, on her stomach. He held her there, her legs dangling off the end.
“This is what happens to naughty little rabbits that don’t do as they’re told." He flipped up her skirts and his large hand descended on her bottom. The "crack" as his palm descended took her by surprise, and she squeaked in protest. Then he peppered her globes with his hand, covering both of them equally. She was heated from the dance she’d led him, running hither and thither, and excited from his promise of punishment. However, nothing had prepared her for the arousal she felt as his hand connected with her behind. After a few minutes, he stopped smacking her. His fingers entered her cunt, and she could feel the hot, wet slickness as she stroked.
“My, my. This isn’t much of a punishment if it makes you so wet and needy.” He pushed his fingers into her again, as far as they’d go, then pulled them out. He curled them as he usually did, because she felt the stroking over that spot inside her. She squirmed and moaned.
“Ohgod, ohgod, ohgod.” He knew just how to drive her wild with desire. Her bottom was throbbing, but that all added to her need of him.
“Ness, I need you inside me. Please, my lord. Fuck me now.” He picked up a couple of pillows, lifted her hips, and settled the pillows under her. He straddled her legs, holding her thighs together. Then, his thick, rigid cock was between her legs, and he was pushing into her cunt. He was urgent. She could feel his cock, hot and swollen as he rammed it into her and lifted her. She moaned and tried to move, but in that position, she couldn’t. That aroused her more. The feeling of helplessness, being at the mercy of the man who was pounding into her brought her to climax very swiftly. Her cunt muscles spasmed around his cock. Her hands were clenched in the sheets as waves of excruciating pleasure battered her. His roar, as her milking of his cock brought on his climax, could be heard all over the hall she was sure. No-one would doubt that my lord of Ness had claimed his bride again.
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  1. Hi Clair (and Sage)
    Your new series sounds wonderful Clair I can't wait to read it. I love the myths and legends that surround Loch Ness and can easily understand your inspiration for a dragon shifter.