Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Blast From The Past - Kick-off

Hi all,

I've come up with a new feature for my blog, the Blast from the Past. Those are snippets from the interviews I've given in the past, because some of my interviewers' questions were just too good to answer only once. They can be serious or funny, insightful or just plain naughty, so - Enjoy!

Here goes the first:

Q. Do you have a particular person, or picture of an actor or actress in mind when you describe your characters?

A. Not usually. In fact, most of the times I don't even know what my boys look like until at some point during the story. It's like they reveal themselves and their full identity little by little, both in looks and in personality. The biggest exception to this, of course, is the Romeo & Julian series. I knew exactly what Romeo looks like throughout and boy, did I have fun researching him!

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