Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cover Art reveal: A Life as a Ghost

Hi all,

Oh, I'm so excited! The fabulous new cover art for A Life as a Ghost (Romeo & Julian 3) has arrived! Here it is in all its glory:

I really love it that Romeo, who is usually so super-slick, gets a bit more hands-on here - what do you think?

A Life as a Ghost (Romeo & Julian 3) releases from Siren-BookStrand on March 2nd, 2013!
MM erotic romance, contemporary, action / suspense. Novella
Heat level: scorching
Published by: Siren-BookStrand

After leading a life as a ghost for years, will former thief Romeo’s love for FBI agent Julian be enough to make him settle?

The tragic losses of his home and a dear one take FBI agent Julian Harris one step closer to a shared life with his consultant and lover, former art thief Romeo aka Paris Moore. They have just moved in together and are trying to re-establish a certain normalcy when Romeo once again shuffles the cards. He surprises Julian by finally revealing some information about his true identity along with some unexpected news regarding his position in Julian's division.
During the nerve-wrecking hunt for the person that has been pulling the strings all along, Julian once again comes to realise that when dealing with Romeo, the only certainty is that all is not as it seems. But one question is more important than ever—after leading a life as a ghost for years, will Romeo’s love for Julian be strong enough to make him settle at last?


  1. Oooohhh~~ Nice, nice!! I really look forward to it! \^o^/

    1. So do I... I wish it were release day already. Sigh. Happy weekend! :)