Wednesday, 3 April 2013

New release special: The Ghosts' Release by Simone Sinna

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Please welcome back another guest who has visited a couple of months ago. Today Simone is bringing you her brand new release, The Ghosts' Release, another intriguing read.

The Ghosts’ Release by Simone Sinna

Despite her home at Tarrabah being in ashes after an attack by ghost destroyers, Misty goes with her instinct to trust ghost vampire brothers Damon and Kadar, finding their attraction is mutually hypnotic. But the brothers are trying to break the northern vampires centuries long hold on the secret of a viral curse and in order to do so all three are pitted against a formidable enemy. Buoyed by a prophecy from her homeland in Tasmania, Misty must survive the vampire caves beneath Whitby but can only do so if Damon and she can link in a way they have never before through their centuries of attempts. Aided by the ghost of her grandfather who died at the hands of the vampires, and a love that has survived generations, there is a final choice put to them by the Oracle and they must decide whether the power of love will win.

A four part novella series – Scorching erotic MFM paranormal romance

An ancient viral curse that the seer has read in the stones can only be resolved through change and love. As the scientists fight against the clock to find a cure, others are less ready to forgive and plot revenge. Will Becc, Gabriella, Lena, and Misty, and the men they love, and in whose hands the future of the were-devils and ghost vampires rests, be able to overcome the rivalry and bigotry to ensure not just their own survival but the future of a world held captive to the northern vampires viral power? Action, tension and an explosive conclusion that moves from the wilds of Tasmania in Australia’s south to the humid northern rainforests and coastline, and a finale on the dark mist covered moors of Yorkshire and in the caves of Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay in the UK.

Inspired by the real life viral cancer affecting the Tasmanian Devil and the Hendra virus in Queensland bats.

Reviews for WereDevils' Curse:
Five Stars on Siren and First professional review - Four Stars from Guilty Pleasures "unique"! Four Hearts from Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

5 lyres at Rites of Romance 4 feb 13 "sizzles...and heartbreaking too!" "action packed!"

Simone Sinna

Since a literary epiphany while walking the Camino de Santiago (the long version from central France) in 2011, she went half-time in her day job and spends the other half writing. Simone Sinna is a pseudonym under which she has published erotic romance, including the Stephanie Beauman series about an investigative journalist in exotic locations, and the Were-Devils of Tasmania series inspired by the true viruses that have endangered the Tasmanian Devils as well as the Hendra virus which has killed a number of people and horses in Queensland. She is currently working on two mainstream books as well as another MFM erotic novel in the world of BDSM.

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