Thursday, 27 June 2013

Great Review for Fantasy for Sale

What a lovely way to distract me from the pain of sore muscles (Yours Truly had a bit of a fight with a big old tree yesterday - the tree eventually lost, but it did put up a fight). Mrs Condit and Friends Read Books reviewed Fantasy for Sale, and what Pattycake wrote about my current release along with rating it 4 1/2 sweet peas just made my day.

Here are the best bits - for me, anyway:

"Told in 1st person from Nate’s POV, the storyline has a gripping plot that flows smoothly and seamlessly from the beginning to the very end... The characters are so very convincing that you can’t help but wish that things would work out for them... The author’s writing style is blunt, eloquent, concise, and offers an honest and obviously well-researched look behind the Pretty Woman fantasy... I thoroughly enjoyed this thought provoking, emotionally satisfying book and would definitely recommend it to everyone."(Click here to read the full review)

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