Monday, 16 September 2013

Newest Submisson: Nightmares 5 & 6

Nightmares 5 & 6 have just zinged through the www and hopefully made it into my editor's inbox, so after months of hair-pulling, nail-chewing and coffee-slurping - not to mention some more inspirational activities - that accompanied the writing process, now the hair-pulling, nail-chewing and wall-climbing time called waiting for a response has begun. No, I'm not impatient... No need to rush... Of course I could kill some of that time by thinking about blurbs but hey, I can't wait to write the next blurb - has said no writer ever and I'm no exception.

But first, this happy author is going to enjoy a glass of red wine and then it's time to log off and go to bed.

Take care and stay naughty!


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  1. Now the hair-pulling, nail-chewing and wall-climbing time is for us readers, waiting for the release srsrsrsrsrs