Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fantasy for Sale is a Finalist in the Rainbow Awards

Yes, you read that right - Fantasy for Sale is a finalist in this year's Rainbow Awards! I feel blessed and honored that my book is mentioned in that list alongside so many fabulous authors, even more so because it wasn't an easy book to write. But obviously spending so much time on Nate and Cam and telling their story the way they wanted it was the right thing to do because now I get to replace the pretty Honorable Mentions badge with this beauty:

Now the nerve-wrecking time of waiting for the announcement of the winners has begun... The big day is December 8th. Meanwhile, why don't you check out the list of books that have made it? 

Big thanks go to Elisa Rolle, the person behind the Rainbow Awards, the Jury and of course my wonderful editors: Sue Meadows who never fails to put me back on track whenever my scatterbrained self wanders off the right path, and the lovely Jade and Jenny who add some colour to my manuscripts as they pick up the big and small errors I have left in my wake. 
Ladies, you rock!


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