Friday, 8 November 2013

Release Day: A Living Nightmare

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Yes, it's release day again! A Living Nightmare, Book Two in the Nightmares series, is now available from Totally-Bound.

When demons exist in human shape, life itself can become a nightmare.

Gay porn star Colin Meighan and his lover Mikey Fawkes could have been as happy as any couple fresh in love, if it weren’t for the fact that Colin is an incubus demon. His need to feed on his partner’s emotions leaves Mikey drained of energy and ageing prematurely. Before they can find a solution to their problems, Colin is abducted and forced to use his supernatural powers to manipulate young, innocent Sasha, the only son of Gareth DeForest, MP, who has become the target of a secret organisation. Eaten up by the loss of Mikey and the realisation that their relationship is doomed, Colin finds himself unable to play the role he’s been assigned and even worse, he’s falling for Sasha despite his better judgement.
When Mikey unexpectedly reappears into Colin’s life and takes an interest in Sasha, some of their problems appear to be solved, but just as the last pieces are about to fall into place, events take an appalling turn. Colin has to face the bitter truth about his heritage—a truth that makes him understand that when demons exist in human shape, life itself can become a nightmare.

Early release November 8th / General release December 6th
Hop on over to Totally Bound to read the super-hot excerpt

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