Saturday, 7 June 2014

New release: Strawberries & Cream

“The gift of love is not always an easy one to accept, but it is a gift, and it should be accepted with appreciation.”

When efficient, self-controlled business man Ross bumps into a stranger on a crowded platform one morning, he doesn’t know that Cupid has been pulling the strings. And yet, he follows the leads to flamboyant Sebastian who, for all his outward flippancy, hides a shy and sensitive soul. Despite their opposing personalities and lifestyles, they become lovers, but Ross never quite manages to overcome the one thing that keeps him from fully accepting Sebastian—and his own past.

One day, a trip leads them to a secluded hotel on the coast of Scotland. With a little help from Aengus, the hotel’s kind but mysterious owner and his liquid happiness, Ross and Sebastian make another attempt at building a bridge—a bridge they will hopefully be able to cross together, hand in hand.

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