Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Taste of Paradise

Is one involuntary taste of paradise all it takes to change the lives of Riordan and Marc?

For all his life, Riordan Maguire has chosen his career over feelings. He prefers to have even the most basic emotional needs satisfied with the help of professionals, but his attitude gets challenged when a wrong flight booking on a business trip takes him to a peaceful little tropical island instead of his intended destination. 
Finding himself stranded for a week, he meets Marc Forrester, a social worker with summer-sky-blue eyes, a sunny look at life, and a heart bruised by too many inconsiderate lovers—lovers like Riordan.
They begin an affair which to Riordan is nothing but a suitable arrangement, and Marc knows his own weaknesses well enough to realise that his instant attraction to Riordan only proves that they don't stand a chance—but maybe one involuntary taste of paradise is all it takes to change their lives.

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