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Guest Post: Guy Ogan, Author of Immortal Relations (Love and War)

The enemy vampires have been eradicated, so it appears our guardian vampires may look forward to a peaceful existence. Eviana is planning on having more children; she has had a son, now she wants a daughter. Magdalena, believing she is incapable of having children, still would like to be married. However, much as in human life, peace and family are placed in harms’ way by unforeseen events.
Immortal Relations, Love and War amps up the action of the first book to a fever pitch. The greedy leaders of Communist China plan to capture the oil, gold and mineral rich fields of Siberia by decapitating the Russian Federation’s Government as a prelude to invasion. Minions of rich OPEC Sheiks seek to stem the flow of Russian Oil so OPEC can raise prices to destroy the economies of the West. The plan to use a “dirty bomb” to destroy the main pumping station and have the radiation make the oil fields unusable.
The radiation containment cap at Chernobyl is failing; the release of poisonous radiation could happen at any time. Worse, some scientists predict the damaged nuclear reactor at Fukushima, Japan could collapse and cause a potential Extinction Level Event!
Who, or what, can be called upon to save civilization and mankind and what impact will the vampire covens experience? Could potentially catastrophic events turn out to offer unforeseen opportunities?
An “Immortal Relations” reader said: “Being a bit of a vampire-phile, I find myself constantly searching for the next vampire series to reach out and grab, or, more appropriately, bite me. I believe I have found my holy grail of vampire novels…”
Excerpt (Shortened): It was a short flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg. There, our party was met by two limousines and whisked along to the historic Hermitage Museum. Arriving, it looked to me like the whole world was there, I didn’t know why President Kolukov had me wear the Russian General’s Uniform he gave me, but I wanted to humor my good friend. We exited the limousine onto a red velvet carpet that had wide gold piping down each side and which looked to be almost 400 meters long. I thought it odd that President Kolukov had me stand to his left and next to him, when Stephan was senior in rank ot my uniform. When we got to the head of the carpet we turned. Stephan and Adam moving behind us, I looked up and turning the corner onto the same red carpet we had just traveled was someone I would recognize anywhere, under any circumstance. It was Magdalena, on the arm of Roger, our doctor. At first I was confuse, but when I saw the dress she wore, an exact copy of her hand made blue dress, only in brilliant white and then heard the music, I realized what was happening…Magdalena and I were getting married! My friends had somehow arranged all this without even a hint that I picked up on. I had already glanced at some of those on either side of the isle and thought I recognized some political figures from various countries.
As Magdalena was escorted slowly forward, I was unable to look anywhere else; she was the only thing that existed in my universe. When she got close, I noticed she had a ribbon with a gold star hanging from it pinned over her left breast. I’d seen a similar medal, back when it was called “Hero of the Soviet Union,” but this one had the double eagle of the Russian Federation. Only an old “war horse” like me would notices that when the woman he loved stood in front of him. An Eastern Orthodox Priest spoke the vows, translated into English for me. Magdalena didn’t need a translator as she spoke several languages, Russian being one of them. We both answered “I do” and “I will,” then I was asked to put the ring on Magdalena’s finger – I started to panic, but Kolukov stepped forward and handed me a ring. My eyes bulged when I looked at it as it must have been five carats of a Red Ruby mounted in Gold! He said, “Just a little bobble courtesy of the Russian people and the Hermitage. I placed it on the finger of my bride, we were officially married and we kissed. Maggie red my thought and on impulse we both turned and kissed Kolukov, each of us on one side of his face. he broke out in loud laughter and said, “Everything has been taken care of for tonight, but the car will be there to pick you both up at 0900 tomorrow.”
The two of us shook hands with Stephan, Adam and Roger, and then we made a bee-line to the limo that pulled up nearby,, as the driver beckoned to us. As we drove off, I wasn’t aware of anything else except the pools of eternity that were Maggie’s eyes!
A few minutes after arriving at the hotel and in our rooms, I heard a knock. When I opened it I was dumbstruck to see the face I never expected to see in a hotel. He asked, “Will you invite me in?” I stammered, “Of course, sir, you are most welcome, always!” I think Maggie was as surprised as I was as Vlad Dracula walked into our honeymoon suite. Vlad said, “I watched your marriage ceremony from the roof of the Hermitage Portico, I think it went very well. I hear you both are flying back to Prague in the morning. I am leaving in my private train in an hour or so, but I wanted to stop by and give you both my congratulations and my profound appreciation for all you have done.” With that Vlad took Magdalena’s hand and kissed it in formal European fashion, shook my hand, turned back to Magdalena and handed her a small box, smiled at both of us, then turned and walked out the door. I have to admit, I stuck my head out the door, but he had disappeared into think air.
I went to the closet and found my good suit hanging there, as well as my old suit, the one that had once had bullet holes in it from the terrorist ambush. It had been expertly repaired. I remarked to Maggie, “I doubt any tailor in the stares could have done that quality of work – our society would have just thrown it out. Maggie had hung her new dress up and when I looked she was wearing a beautiful white set of lingerie complete with white stocking, garter-belt and demi-bra. I was all silky, lacy and very sexy. Part of me stood at attention seeing her looking that way. Maggie suddenly scooped me up and flew over to the bed, placing me on it. I remarked, “I thought that was my job?” Maggie said I was taking too long so she got tired of waiting. I said, “We’re vampires, we’ve got eternity…why the rush?” Maggie replied, “We have to be on the plane in less than 12 hours, and I’ve got an agenda planed for you to do to me, my loving husband, and a few things I intend to do to you as well!”
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