Sunday, 7 October 2012

Exclusive excerpt from "Yet More Ink, Sweat and Tears"


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Here's a little exclusive excerpt from "Yet More Ink, Sweat and Tears". It's part of Victoria Blisse's Sunday Snog, so don't forget to check out all the other sexy snogs on her blog when you're done here!

This scene finds Caelan and Dean on a well-deserved holiday to recover from everything they've been through, and well - lots of sunshine, the beach and some exercise quickly get them in the right mood - Enjoy!

Ignoring the comment, Dean reached for Caelan’s hand and pulled it up to his mouth. He kissed the tip of each finger before gently sucking them in. It was an easy enough distraction, and it didn’t fail to have its usual effect on Caelan. Breathing heavily, he watched Dean flick his tongue and nibble for a while before he said, “You know, we could go back to our room before dinner.”
“Mmh, s’pose we could indeed,” Dean mumbled around his mouthful of slender, fine-boned fingers. “But I quite like it here.”
“So I see,” Caelan said dryly. “It’s just that this bloody wet suit is way too tight for that kind of activity.”
“What kind of activity?” Dean looked up innocently and nipped the fleshy bit at the base of Caelan’s thumb. 
“As if you didn’t know exactly what I’m talking about.” Caelan was clearly making an effort to keep his tone light and casual, but he was just as clearly losing the fight. The rough tinge of arousal had already crept into his voice, and the angle at which he held his leg was little befitting a comfortable position but reasonably effective for hiding the growing bulge at the front of his skin-tight wet suit. That problem had also been overcome, as a very delighted Dean had found out the night of their arrival. 
Dean wasn’t done playing yet, though. “Hmm, sorry, I’ve no idea.” He licked the satiny inside of Caelan’s wrist with his tongue, right above the spot where he could feel the vein throbbing underneath. He hovered over the pulsing patch of skin for a moment, feeling Caelan’s excited heartbeat under his lips. So strong, so very much alive. His thoughts trailed to that other part of Caelan’s anatomy, which must have been throbbing by now, and suddenly, he could barely hold back. He wanted Caelan, wanted him so badly it hurt. Talk about throbbing body parts. His own trousers had gone far too tight, and his cock fought its prison determinedly. 
“Let’s go,” he groaned. Caelan let out a throaty chuckle, having probably picked up on the urgency in Dean’s voice, but Dean couldn’t seem to care. So what if Caelan knew he was hot for him? Being desired wasn’t a bad thing, was it?

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