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Pre-order: Newborn

Oooh, got a nice surprise last night. Newborn is available to pre-order - ta-daaa!

Newborn (MM)

By: Sage Marlowe | Other books by Sage Marlowe
Categories: Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Older H/h, Vampires/Werewolves
Word Count: 53,492
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

AVAILABLE: Saturday, October 20th
This title is offered at a 15% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, October 27th.

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, older hero, HEA]
Parker Rowe has hated vampires with a passion ever since his family was murdered by a gang of malicious vampires, and he has been trying to hunt down the culprits for years.
A promising clue leads him into a small, secluded town where he meets Josh Summers. Sweet and innocent, Josh is as much out of place in Parker’s world of revenge and violence as he is in his own narrow-minded community, but he can give Parker the peace of mind he craves. When the vampires Parker is chasing use Josh to deliver a very special message, Parker finds himself facing the ultimate dilemma. If what he loves and what he hates the most become the same, which emotion will win?
While Parker struggles to accept the changes his lover goes through, he comes closer than ever to detecting the truth about his family’s deaths—but then his own life takes a dramatic turn…
A Siren Erotic Romance

Story Excerpt (G)

Parker froze mid-motion, listening. He felt the familiar cold clasp of fear claw up his spine and settle in that spot right at the base of his skull, but he ignored it. So what. He’d grown used to it. Fear didn’t frighten him anymore because fear couldn’t hurt him. They, however, could hurt him.
Tilting his head, he willed his feeble senses to provide him with more information. Information that might be vital for his survival, but, little surprisingly, his senses failed him. He could hear nothing, see nothing, and fuck, smell nothing.
Well, of course that wasn’t true. He could hear the soft, almost melodic rushing noise, the faint thuds of the falling rain. He could see it as silvery threads, reflected by the dim light of a the singular street lantern at the end of the road. He could even smell it in the air around him, the moisture it brought, and the damp earth it stirred. Rain. Water. One of the major sources of life but entirely meaningless to him. Just like life itself had lost its meaning. There. A movement to his right. A slight disturbance of the air, gone as fast as a shadow and just as impossible to catch.
Well, nearly as impossible to catch, Parker thought grimly as he tightened his grip around the gun he was holding. The secret was knowing how to do it—and having the right equipment. Turning slowly around his own axis, he stared into the ghostly darkness that surrounded him. He knew he was at a mighty disadvantage here, but he didn’t exactly have a reputation for his clear-headed approach to pursuing his goal. His quarry. Some might say it was what made him so good at what he did. Some certainly said it was what was going to get him killed. Parker didn’t care about either of them. He didn’t care about anyone or anything apart from what was needed to bring him closer to his enemies.
He never even heard his attacker approach. With the sudden, unforeseeable power of a lightning strike, Parker was grabbed, lifted up, and whirled through the air before he hit the ground with a nasty thud. That would have been his skull breaking, he mused with an eerie detachedness, even as bright pain exploded in his brain and nausea threatened to overwhelm him.
He ignored both. Like fear, pain was something he’d learned to ignore. It only told him he was still alive. Which he wouldn’t be much longer if he didn’t get a grip on himself and start fighting back.
Except, there was nothing to fight. He raised his head gingerly to look around and take stock. A moan slipped out of his mouth before he could stop it. Fuck, but his head did hurt. So much it affected his vision, so maybe the damage was worse than he’d thought. Blinking furiously, he tried to make his eyes focus, but the world around him remained blurry.
This time he stifled the sound that wanted out, a little sigh. If it was still around, then tonight might well be the end of it—the end of Parker, to be precise. Shivering from a sudden gush of cold air, Parker reached into his pocket and curled his fingers around the familiar, smooth round shape. The metal had warmed from the heat his body was radiating. It felt quite nice now, actually. Comforting, friendly, and nothing like the deadly tool it was.
“Take your hand out of your pocket,” a voice said right behind Parker’s left ear. “Slowly, and be sure to leave whatever’s inside it where it is.”
Parker let out a sarcastic chuckle. “Now why would I do that?” he asked, clenching his fingers around the bulbous piece of metal. If he was to part with it, it would have to rip his arm off.
“If that’s what you want,” the voice said casually, and Parker knew it had figured out exactly what his plan was and found a way to keep him from putting it into effect. Which meant he’d failed, so maybe whatever was about to happen served him right.
The creature behind him laughed softly. “Yeah, right. You’re quite the hero, aren’t you?” It must have leaned in, because the voice was closer now, and Parker could feel the air the thing expelled with its words stir the hairs at the nape of his neck.
“But let me tell you, Parker—tonight isn’t the end of it. At least not the way you think it will be. No, for you, tonight is the beginning.”


Adult excerpt 

Josh held Parker’s gaze for a moment before he looked away. “I’m not sure there’s much you can do at this time of night.”
“There’s always one thing,” Parker said softly and reached out to take the towel from Josh’s clenched hand, stroking the back of his fist with his fingertips. Josh flinched but let it happen, staring at their hands like a startled deer.
“W–what’s that?” he asked after a moment.
“Can’t you guess by now?”
“I, um, I–I’m n–not sure,” Josh stammered.
Parker leaned in close enough to stir the short hairs behind Josh’s ear with his breath as he spoke. “I want to fuck you, Josh. You do know that, right?” He raised his hand, cupped Josh’s cheek, and tilted his face up so he could look into those soft chocolate eyes. “So what do you think?” His free hand landed on Josh’s hip, just an inch or so from the tempting curves of his buttocks. Josh made a soft, helpless sound somewhere between a nervous laugh and a moan. He pulled his head back a little at the same time as he flexed his hips to push into Parker’s touch.
“Shh,” Parker soothed. “I’m not going to hurt you.” Placing his thumb under Josh’s chin, he held his head in place. Parker let his gaze wander from the lovely brown eyes to the full, moist lips that were parted just a little, so invitingly. Lowering his head, he brushed a first gentle, tentative kiss on Josh’s startled mouth. When Josh didn’t exactly respond but didn’t pull back, either, Parker took it as the permission to go further. He found Josh in a second, more intense kiss. This time, he didn’t settle for just a brush of lips. He caressed Josh’s bottom lip with his tongue before he licked that little cleft at the corner of his mouth then, at last, dipped into the sweet, velvety opening. Josh tasted nice. Minty, clean, and so excitingly new. Fresh and pure, and nothing like the shady figures Parker normally did this kind of activity with.
Parker explored the inside of Josh’s mouth and trailed his tongue along the sharp ridges of teeth to where Josh’s tongue waited to be awoken from its slumber. Josh responded at last. His kiss was still reluctant but all the sweeter for its shyness. Parker groaned into their kiss. This was good, but it wasn’t enough. Leaning back a little, he nibbled Josh’s lips briefly then started a trail of tiny kisses along Josh’s jaw to his neck. Josh shuddered delicately, and Parker felt goose bumps rise under his touch. He gripped Josh’s earlobe with his teeth, biting gently and drawing a choked moan from Josh. The sound was lost in the silence of the kitchen, but, at last, Josh leaned into Parker’s hold. Parker kissed a line down Josh’s neck to his collarbone, as always a little disconcerted when he felt the pulse under his lips. This one was strong, so full of life, and undeniably excited.
Still holding Josh’s head in place with one hand, Parker started investigating Josh’s lower regions. When his fingers brushed Josh’s fly, he was pleased to feel the hard bulge of an erection behind it. Cupping it, he gave it a teasing squeeze. Josh moaned and melted against him. Parker undid his fly, swallowing whatever weak attempt at protest Josh made in another kiss. He sneaked his fingers into the waistband of Josh’s boxers, found the eager cock beneath it, and freed it. It leapt into his hand gratefully. Josh let out a needy whimper as Parker tightened his fist around his shaft, and he pushed into the tight channel Parker offered him.
“That’s it, baby,” Parker whispered. “Show me what you like. Take what you need.” He turned Josh around, one arm wrapped around his shoulders to hold him steady, and used his other hand to jerk him off. Josh reflexively thrust into his grip, panting as he did so. His head dropped back against Parker’s shoulder, baring the smooth curve of his throat as he leaned on him for support. About two inches shorter and of a much lighter build, he was a perfect fit for Parker’s body. Parker smiled into his neck. It was so easy. Just a few more strokes and Josh went still in his hold.
“Oh.” Josh sounded endearingly surprised when he came. His cock was pulsing in Parker’s hand, and soon his knees buckled, and he went limp in Parker’s grip.
“Steady, sweetheart.” Parker chuckled as he easily took most of Josh’s weight to hold him upright. “How do you feel?”
“Pretty, um, good,” Josh answered, his voice rough with post-orgasmic tightness.
He turned around and timidly looked up at Parker. “Do you want me to...uh...?”
“I think we ought to clean up first.”
“Huh?” Bewildered, Josh looked around the kitchen he’d just cleaned so thoroughly.
“Not that,” Parker grinned. “This.” Holding up his hand, he showed Josh the creamy white cum on his fingers.
“Oh.” Josh turned almost crimson. “Oh, gosh, I’m sorry, I’ll just...” His eyed darted to and fro, frantically searching for a cloth.
“Just lick it off,” Parker suggested and brought his hand to Josh’s lips. Pulling a face, Josh turned his head away.
“Never sampled it?”
Josh looked appalled. “No, of course not.”
“Why not? It’s just spunk. There’s nothing wrong with it,” Parker teased.
“Because...well, you–you just don’t d–do that,” Josh answered a little helplessly. “Do you?” he added, almost as an afterthought. 
“All right, baby.” Parker smiled reassuringly and shrugged, leaving the question unanswered. “Nothing you’re not comfortable with.” Turning away, he washed his hands in the sink. “I’d like to take you to bed now,” he said gently. “Is that okay for you?”

Newborn (MM)
Newborn (MM)
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, EPUB
Price: $5.50 $4.68


Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff

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