Thursday, 11 July 2013

Another excellent review for Fantasy for Sale

One of the best ways for a writer to wake up is being greeted with a lovely review. This one certainly put a smile on my face, not because of the four hearts, but because of what reviewer Thommie wrote. Here are my favourite bits (you can read the complete review on MM Good Book Reviews):

"Well I’ve come to love Sage’s work what with him being so freaking erotic and sensual, it’s practically hooking and intoxicating reading anything written by him.
So I was not surprised when this one was yet again hot as hell, sensual and sexy and arousing to the point where you simply want to scream. I was surprised with the plot though...  
You get to really care for Cam and pine for him in a most delightful way, and his true self makes you even shed a tear or two. Loved him...
The two of them really did give me a wild ride, jumping from hot and sexy scenes to sad and melancholy ones and then again to steaming hot and breath catching. I loved this book, I enjoyed it immensely, and as always, it had a depth that makes the difference from others. Strongly recommended."

Thank you, Thommie!

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