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Book Showcase: Naked on Holiday by @AdamMannAuthor #EroticRomance #FlavoursofSage

Two men who have recently retired decide to go on a seaside holiday together, which would not normally be unusual except that Horace who used to own the local pub was sixty eight, and his friend Hector was a year older. 
Hector meets Helen who gets locked out of her room at their hotel, and Helen falls asleep in on the lower bunk bed in Hector’s room whilst he tries to open her bedroom door on the floor below.  Helen, who is a spritely young 62, takes off her clothes to go to sleep forgetting that her bags are still in her room, and Hector finds himself naked and marooned in the upper bunk bed!
Fortunately their humor takes over, and they find themselves spending the week together, and frequently naked.
During their holiday Horace meets Hannah a television presenter and they are both attracted to one another but their mutual appreciation is much more complicated, although Hector and Helen do manage to lend a hand.
Again local gossip and spite raises its ugly head, but between the four of them they manage to reach a successful outcome.
This is a love story for the over sixties!  On one hand a couple are happy and unconcerned with public opinion, whilst the other couple are fraught with family problems and legal complications, not to mention gossiping neighbors. 


The grass was drying out and Hector decided to leave it until it rained again.  He had several flower beds for roses which was the garden in the front of the cottage, and several long thin beds for vegetables at the back.
He had a small shed at the back of his garden with an equally small greenhouse attached to one wall, and he hardened off his young plants in a series of three cold frames.  He had been late this year with sowing some vegetable seeds, so had cheated by buying some young seedlings from a neighbour.  They were now in his open cold frames, and were growing well, provided he supplied them with water.
Helen came to see what he was doing.  He was in his shed and one side of the shed was a large old oak tree.
He kissed her;
“You smell great!” he said, and she snuggled against him.
“A new perfume I got in London last week!  I’m glad you like it, darling!”
She looked around his shed; and took his hand in hers.
“Make love to me, please!” she murmured looking coyly at him.
Hector looked around his shed.  There wasn’t much room.
“You’ve got a collapsible camp bed, darling, go and get it,” she suggested and kissed him.
Her perfume, her softness and her demeanour was having its desired effect on his penis, and he put a hand in one pocket to adjust it.
She smiled at him again.
“I was just going to dig a trench for my sweet peas,” he pleaded lamely, but as she looked at him again he ducked out of his shed and went to the cottage.
He came back a few minutes later with the folded canvas bed with the metal legs sticking out, and a blanket which he had found strangely and conveniently placed on it!
The extended bed just fitted into the centre of the floor, and Helen immediately spread the blanket over the canvas base and sat on it looking at him.  He resigned himself willingly to the inevitable and sat down beside her.
“Don’t sit on the edges as it might fall over!” he warned.
Helen held him tight and pulled him towards her, lying on her back and smiling at him as she did so.
“Sorry, darling,” she warned him, “just seeing you working in the garden suddenly made me feel very passionate and sexy!”
“Can I take my shoes off?” he joked, as he felt her undoing his belt, and then his zip.
He kissed her to make her slow down, and then kissed her cleavage, and she sighed holding his head close to her breasts.

It was then he found that she had only worn a loose fitting dress, a soft bra and panties, which quickly came off and she lay looking up at him, naked.

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