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Book Tour: Lovers, Players and the Seducer by J.A. Jackson #PNR #Contemporary @jerreece

Nicholas La Cour loves money. In the game of betrayer and betrayed he thinks his sister Lacey is the prefect target for his manipulative schemes to keep his financial ruin a secret.
Gorgeous Lacey La Cour lost her hopeful and playful spirit after being dumped by her childhood sweetheart. Now an adult, she is strong and independent.
Determined to find the answer to his money problems, Nicholas discovers his best friend Kienan Egan is strangely attracted to his sister Lacey.
Does his sister’s love life hold the answers to all of his problems?
Does Nicholas have the prefect plan?
A vengeful seduction is swept into play as tragic forces are unleashed in a dangerous game of deception and greed unlocking doors to the past.
Will Lacey discover her brother’s deception before it’s too late?
When it’s all said and done it’s all about the well-heed things in life, family, friendships, affairs, revenge, and romance.

What Reviewers are saying –

Bestselling author J.A. Jackson has done it again!
J. A. Jackson brings an emotional roller coaster ride every time andLovers,  Players &The Seducer”   is her best steamy, sizzling, sexy roller coaster ride yet
A truly fabulous story from beginning to the end with excitement, romance, suspense starting on the first page until the very end. And the ending is…Well I didn’t see that coming.  
As usually, author J. A. Jackson story telling flows smoothly and the dialogues are crisp! In the game of betrayer and betrayed Nicholas La Cour think his sister Lacey is the prefect target to keep his financial ruin a secret. You’ve got to read it to find out why and was you do. There was no way that I could put the story down.
Looking for a good read? Do you love romance, suspense and intrigue?
Then bestselling author J. A. Jackson’s “Lovers,  Players &The Seducer” is for you! This gripping novel will propel you into a glamorous world of seduction, temptation and danger. Thoroughly entertaining, this is one of Jackson’s finest achievements yet!
J. A. Jackson does a fine job of keeping the story moving and the reader guessing in Lovers, Players, and The Seducer it is more than just a love story- it’s a tale of forgiveness and redemption that will touch your heart 

What possessed her to go through with this was beyond her.  Lacey had no intentions of ever going to Let’s Get Acquainted, until Maëlle called her a heartless shrew who took her friendship for granted and treated her even worse.  Then she had to go and start crying. Okay I’m a lot of things, yes, I am a little mean sometimes but Maëlle is my best friend. I love her like a sister, she thought
Let’s Get Acquainted, Lacey thought, what a name for a matchmaking service.
Lacey looked out for the centuries old grove of olive trees that Maëlle told her to look for. It signaled she was approaching the turn that would lead her straight up the hill to the Stately Mansion.
She parked her car in front of a huge old rose arbor. The rustic old world charm of it was beautiful. She looked beyond the arch way and saw that magnolia trees stood on each side of it. Her gaze looked past them and there stood a magnificent garden.
For several minutes she just sat in her car and stared mesmerized. She wondered how beautiful everything would look at full bloom in the summer.
A few minutes later she got out of her car and took the walkway heading to the house.  She had every intention of ringing the doorbell.  She looked for it but couldn’t find one.  A strange doorknocker seemed to appear out of nowhere. A shiver ran down her spine.


Mystified, Lacey just stood there and looked at it and refused to touch it. 
The door slowly crept open.
Hello, and welcome to Let’s Get Acquainted,” I’m your host for the night Mrs. CJ Oshun. But most people just drop the CJ.”
  A very petite lady waived her in and turned and started walking down the hallway. “Welcome to the Magnolia Heights Mansion.”
“The lady must have been standing watch at the window,” Lacey thought.
As Lacey walked behind the small frail delicate little old lady, she studied her. She was wearing a spectacular green dress that had a bold magical green effect to it.  Her deep green dress was framed by an exquisitely beautiful burgundy and gold scarf that resembled the beautiful folds of a sari.
When Mrs. Oshun spoke, her voice sounded like melodious singing.
Lacey followed closely behind her, silently.


Mrs. Oshun spoke as she walked.  “Your face looks like I need to tell you the absolute truth, she sung out. “My true name is Madame CJ Fortier.  I have given myself the name of Mrs. CJ Oshun after my late husband. He was my second husband. He was originally from Santería Cuba. You know. In his country the name Oshun means he who reigns over love. In some cultures it refers to a spiritual goddess.” She nodded. “Anyway, that said. You may call me Mrs. Oshun,” she said, as she abruptly stopped walking.
Mrs. Oshun turned and studied Lacey’s face.
All at once Mrs. Oshun reached out her hands and cupped Lacey’s face. “And believe it or not, I know who you are Lacey Kadira Catherine La Cour”! She exclaimed. “Oh, my……I would know your face anywhere. You look just like your mother Pearl.”
Mrs. Oshun’s green eyes sparkled like emeralds. “Sorry but there is no time to explain how I know you. Come, come. We must get started. She urged Lacey to follow her down the all.

J.A. Jackson is the pseudonym for an author, who loves to write deliciously sultry adult romantic, suspenseful, entertaining novels with a unique twist. She lives in an enchanted little house she calls home in the Northern California foothills.
She spent over ten years working in the non-profit sector where she wrote grants, press releases and contributed many stories to their newsletter. She was their Newsletter editor for over ten years. She loves growing roses, a good pot of hot tea, chocolate, magical stories, suspense stories, ghost stories, and reading Jane Austen again and again in her past time.

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