Sunday, 31 March 2013

Poem: Love is Pain

Well, I'm not the world's greatest at poetry. Inspiration finds me sometimes, but so far it has all ended up in the bottom drawer. This one I kinda like though, so I'm making it the first that gets to see the light. Here it is

Love is Pain

Love is pain
I hear you say
And never worth the gain
For every moment spent in bliss
Comes with a price to pay

Your heart must learn to miss
The counterpart it found
Your soul will treasure memories
Like a lover's voice's sound

Feelings are the casualties
Of life's ironic twists
That hold us in their clasp
Like handcuffs to our wrists

And yet, when you grasp
In the blink of an eye
That moment in eternity
When together you fly

Emotions turned certainty
Your soul in tune with his
Would you say in all honesty
That you'd want to miss this?

The burden is life
The talent is strength
Letting go is the sacrifice
And love's ultimate price


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